What is " Goshuin ?

Goshuin is a seal or seal imprinted at the shrine or temple for being stamped towards the worshipers. In addition to imprints, there are also cases where the date you visited, the name of the shrine or the name of the festival god or your honjo are written.

Originally, Goshuin was the one that gotten from the proof that she donated a copy of herself to a temple. Edo era temples and shrines pilgrimage is common, as is also testimony of worship at the shrine Goshuin is said to have come to be awarded.

Currently it is awarded as a proof of worship, so let's visit whenever you receive a Goshuin .

Asakusa Shrine's Goshuin

First ear fee 500 yen each

Asakusa Shrine

Asakusa sightseeing Seven Lucky Eve

Organ Inari Shrine

About special special Goshuin for limited distribution period

At Asakusa Shrine, special Goshuin limited to distribution dates are written according to shinto rituals and events such as New Year's, Sanjamatsuri, summer pilgrimage.
Special Goshuin will be posted as soon as they are decided.
In addition, we will keep the Goshuin book one by one.

Knowing when to receive a Goshuin

  • Let's visit first
    I bow bow in front of the torii, clean it in the water shop, I will do it in the manners of bamboo clapping in front of the shrine.
  • Please tell us the desired Goshuin at the counter. In that case, Goshuin become the book to adjournment, please put out.
  • If you have a cover with buttons or a bookmarker is pinched between them, please remove it beforehand because it is difficult to push the sticker. Let's also loosen the binding strings. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • The typeface of a red seal varies depending on the writer. Please note.
  • Goshuin Because it is proof of worship, it is appropriate Goshuin Please bring a book.
    The Asakusa Shrine's seal book is of the following two types.




※ We do not perform distribution only for seal book. Please be aware that we will make sure to write a seal.
※ We do not send mail of seal book and seal.

Please note the following if you can receive a seal.
(1) Be sure to follow the instructions of the staff who are in charge of guidance and guidance.
Depending on the crowded condition on the 2nd day, the reception hours and response methods may be changed.
(3) A thumbprint is a deposit for up to 1 book per person, and only 1 copy per 1 stamp will be held.

Please be sure to visit us before (or after) receiving your seal.
We ask for your understanding and cooperation so that as many people as possible can get your seal.
※ The seal book is a proof of important worship. Recently, resale of seal on Internet auction has become a problem. Please take it with you carefully.

Asakusado Land Seven Lucky Gods

There are nine shrines and temples in the Asakusa sightsee seven Luck Gods. Please wish for one year 's home safety, breathing life injury. In Asakusa with an old history, there are famous marks in various places around the precincts of Mr. Kannon. Those who are going around the Asakusa Shichigami God will visit these famous marks on the way and think that they will remember the aspects of Edo culture.
Asakusa sightsee seven lucky god's homepage

Shigehachi Shikiba "Tokyo Fukuro-gi"

折帖初穂料:1,700円 各神社御朱印初穂料:300円

From 1 July Heisei 28, when each company receives a red seal at each company with the folding screen type "folding book" which each company name was cut out with ink, collecting all the red seal, "Kaibutsu, eight shrine · sanpo" You can have a sealed full desire (meaning that all wishes are satisfied).
Why do not you go for a short trip that touches the shrine and each region using the Toei Subway 's 1 day ticket, learn about their respective cultures and history, and touch relaxation and peace.
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List of Goshuin