What is prayer?

The prayer done at the shrine is a ceremony to pray for everyone's wishes to God as a prayer and a prayer, as the god will give us the protection of the priests and the gods as a mediator between you and God, the most attentive worship It is said to be a method. Its contents are various, such as being involved in life rituals and annual events, and it will be different depending on the circumstances of each person.
It is also important to embrace integrity, sincerity and mind as a mindset to receive prayers. Please be with your gratitude and respect for God.
For prayer, there is a "business visit festival" where the shrine goes to the site and exercises the land, buildings, etc., "shrine visit" at the shrine.


About parking lot

Parking: Parking in Sakire

  • When parking in the precincts, we will issue a parking permit, so please be sure to offer your voice to the staff. Parking without permission is strictly prohibited.
  • We will only park for prayer time. Please move as soon as prayers are over. We will refuse parking for a long time.
  • Parking spaces are limited and may not be parked. Please acknowledge it beforehand. Please use public transportation as much as possible.