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Asakusa Shrine annual festival

Month Day Times of Day Event Available
January 1 day - 7 days Shoto
1 day 11 o'clock Senior festival
3 days 10 o'clock Primitive festival
15th day 15:00 Adult ceremonial festival festival
February 3 days 15:00 Setsubun Festival follow-up ceremony
11th 10 o'clock The Koto festival
17th 10 o'clock 祈年祭
In March 18th 10 o'clock Organ Inari Shrine example large festival
Asakusa Temple Honen Show
Shrine Miyako
April Early Hanatsuka Memorial Festival
Early Memozuka Memorial Festival
May Third Friday, Saturday and Sunday Asakusa Shrine example large festival (Sanjamatsuri)
June 30th 15:00 夏越の大祓
July 1 to 7 days Summer vacation
September 15th day 15:00 Respite Longevity Festival
October 17th 10 o'clock Divine Celebration
November 15th day 15:00 Seven-five-three-festival festivities
The 23rd 10 o'clock Shin Festival
December The 31st 15:00 年越の大祓
The 31st At 22 Night Festival
※ Excluding January
1 day 10 o'clock Monthly festival

※ The shrines marked with ○ ○ can be attended. For details, please contact Asakusa Shrine.