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Fishermen 's cypress Maehama Hamasaki and Takezuna' s brothers were precisely fishing at Asakusaura (present Sumida river) in the morning when the spring of March 18 th Miki era 's Mr. Emperor Suiko (6628) By the way, as long as that day, one fish was not caught, and only the idol of the doll was hanging on the net. But it is repetition of the same thing whatever it is not Kannon statue, throwing into the sea several times and changing the place many times. Brothers strangely watched the brothers, dedicated their statue, landed from the current Komagata, and placed on the stump of the tree of Sophora. And at the time he talked about the events of the day to Tsuchiya Shinakoni who was a cultural figure of the local residents and asked for a glance, he said, "This is a Buddha image of the Holy Shinseikan Bodhisattva and this is a profitable Buddha or a self-respected Buddha It is told that "There is."

Brothers gained faith in the knowledge of their merit and disbelieved somehow, chanting the name of the Kannon deeply and saying, "If you are a fisherman you lose the fish of the day if you do not fish, tomorrow get a lot of goods tomorrow" I prayed thickly, and hit the net again Upon the next day, the ship was full of fish full of overflowing like a wish.

Mr. Tsuchiya shaved soon and became Shamon (monk) and set up his house as a new temple, and the former Kannon statue was prosecuted and a lifetime was dedicated to the edification of the local people by the consecration of the people.

This is the origin of Sensoji Temple accompanying the Temple of the Kannon appearing in "The Asakusa Age", and in searching for its benefits it gained a great deal of pilgrims from the time general and the samurai to the ordinary people, the local village We will continue to develop and develop.

Afterwards and the descendants of Mr. Tsuchiya received a dream of St. Kannon Bodhisattva, "Your parents have made me more severe than under the sea, so we have given mercy to all people, and therefore today, but the achievement of that memorial service is called In other words, there is a proclamation that you will defend your parents as God by the side of Kannondo, naming it, naming it, naming it as the three company's rights, so that if it is a rite, its descendants and land will prosper forever. " The three company authorized company, which enshrines the remaining three members of the crown as a local god, was founded here.

The precise age is unknown, but in view of its origin and history, and the tradition that is written on the age of each era etc., it is one method of spreading Buddhism, "Buddha is a book, God is a Buddha for the right It is inferred that the idea of ​​realization that the appearance emerged from the end of the Heian period began in the early Kamakura period.

Strangely by the separation order of Shin Buddha and Buddha issued by the Meiji government, the company name was changed to the three companies Meijin company in the first Meiji era, the company was listed in the village company in the same year, and as the general guard of Asakusa Town in the next six years Asakusa Shrine was established. Even now it is familiar to the people of Mrs. "Three companies" from its remnants.