Asakusa Temple God Shinkyoku Shrine Mikoshi "Doomsday / Door-Down"

Prior to the Edo period, the festival itself was called Kannon Festival (Asakusa Festival) from the relationship with Asakusa Temple, and on the day of March 17th and 18th (and on June 15th) on the original founder day It was done.

It is not the delivery of a shrine's mushroom like the present, but at that time the temple shrine was settled to the outside of Asakusadera main temple and the shrine Binzasa Mai was also performed at the temple's dojo in the center of Kannondo, Floating fly festivals were held mainly at the funerary where festival floats expressing their taste gathered to compete for their glamor and luxury and then the shrine mikoshi was transferred to the Sumida river.

In order to restore a part of such ancient festival to the present age, every year in March every year three companies transferred to the shrine Mikoshi were basked in Asakusadera main hall and stayed overnight with Kannon There will be no events like "Doho" and "Following Down" that are going on.

Asakusa Temple God Shinku Shrine Mikoshi "Door-Up / Drop-Down" is here

Ship transit

In the old festival, every other year of Ox, Umi, Mi, Roi and Ya is the main festival. In conducting a fun festival, I moved to Omori (now Shinagawa-ku Omori), because the Sumida River became an area of ​​murder-free forbiddance The fishermen were donated by a ship taken rowing from Awa · Kazusa far away, and carried a shrine mikoshi carried from Kannondo to Mitsuke Asakusa (now Asakusabashi) on the ship and rowed on the Sumida River, and Komagata Kishi or Hanakawado shore It was also called "deacon festival" (Kusuri Festival) where not only the current Ms. Kuramae but also each town of Asakusabashi participates in the content that landed from the afternoon and returned to the shrine.

Because it is said that the funeral festival was started based on the myths of the three companies at the first year of Masakazu (1312), we will reproduce the old fashion in commemoration of seven hundred years of Sanjamatsuri Saisai As a "ship transit" in Heisei 24 (2021), in about half a century I was rigorously sailed on the Sumidagawa River.

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