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The beginning and origin of the godhead wedding ceremony

In myths of Japan, the goddess, the only man of God and the throne of men, who was born with gender, born with gender, was tied around the pillars of heaven, produced many gods in Japan, Japan The country that began. Such wishes are put in the wedding ceremony, which is deeply tied like the two gods of Izanagi's life and Izanami's life, also brings new life, nurtures it and is handed down to the next generation.

In wedding ceremonies, it is a meaningful ceremony in the sense that it is counted as one of important important things even in many life ceremonies and it is meaning to build a new family.

The shape of the wedding ceremony in the shrine like the present is the crown prince by the Imperial Family Marriage Order of May 15th Meiji 33 Emperor Taisho and Prince Kujyo Setsuko Princess (Emperor Sadami) performed at Miyaka Kenji Ohmae However, it has a big influence.

In the following 34 years, depending on this marriage the pre - God 's wedding ceremony was held at Hibiya Omijin (present · Tokyo Daimyojin) in general, and became popular all over the country.

If you explain like this, the wedding in the shrine may be received like a newly created ritual in the Meiji era, but when you look at the contents of the rite, you can see the traditional form of a wedding that has been done with each family as a ceremonial place I understand what you are referring to.


Even if the ceremony moves from the home to the shrine in particular, this idea remains unchanged.

The present day gods wedding ceremony will comprehend the form of a wedding at home and the methods of various reigns and inherit the traditional way of thinking in our country.

A wedding ceremony is regarded as one of important important things in life ceremonies, and it is a meaningful ceremony for building a new family.
Thank gratitude for being able to meet you by the edge, by swearing with yourself in front of the shrine to arrange a happy family while helping each other in the future, as a couple, it is also a place where both families connect with each other.