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Wedding flow

We will introduce the flow and details of our wedding ceremony.

Flow to the day

We will introduce the flow until the day of wedding ceremony.

A tour
The visit to the shrine is a reservation system. Please feel free to contact us.
If you can accompany your wedding time, you can also watch the actual wedding ceremony.
Tentative book
Temporary reservation deadline is two weeks.
Please inform us of the decision or cancellation within the due date.
Booking (booking form)
After booking, visit us at the vacant time and fill out the application form.

We are going to rehearse at Asakusa Shrine before the wedding ceremony.
We will visit you in advance, and we will practice how to practice one way along the explanation of the meaning of each ceremony of the wedding ceremony and the flow of the ceremony. Also, by feeling the atmosphere of the shrine at this time, you can face the wedding ceremony with a margin on the mind. We will also make detailed arrangements, so we will have about an hour for your time.
Since rehearsal is a reservation system, please make a reservation in advance.

Please also pay ceremonial fee at this time.

Wedding day

On the day of wedding ceremony it will be an aggregate 30 minutes ago. I will explain the flow of wedding ceremony and notes to everyone who attends in the waiting room.

※ If you arrive before 30 minutes, you may not be able to enter the waiting room. In that case, please note that you will be waiting outside until the time. (Please tell that to your relatives as well.
※ There is no room for changing clothes, please gather clothes and gather in the waiting room.

Flow of the day (depending on the formula of the wedding ceremony)

I will introduce the flow of the day of the wedding day.

On the ceremony

Bride and groom admission
We will enter the precincts and enter from the front of the shrine.
Admission to the priestess
Repair (Shuutsu)
Rite of purification of purification
Composition playing (Nori and Sojo)
The priest plays a celebration to God
The ceremony of the ceremony of the three wedding ceremony (so-called "three-thirds degree cup")
Mr. Groom's bride alternates between three cups and drinks, so that they will enter into a contract as a couple
Playing the oath (Seiji soji)
A ceremony where the groom reads the words of oath to God
Ring exchange (Yubikawa Kokan)
Miko Mai Hoso (if you wish)
A ceremony to pray for a prosperous dance in front of God in the hope of the long-term luck of the groom and bride
Bride and groom Tamushi Fugoeke (Shimroun Shinpu Tamagoshi Hoen)
A ceremony where the groom will give you a tea ceremony before the shrine
Famous person Tamushi Fushimi (Bamboo shoots Tamagoshi Hoten)
A ceremony for the gentrymen to offer Tamushi to the godhead
If you do not have a gurant, relatives representative will do.
Cup of relatives (Shinkenzuka 's syukiki)
Ceremony to deepen our bonds as relatives by giving everyone who is a new relatives through a groom
Leave the priest
The bride and groom exit

Outline of wedding ceremony · Notes

Number of participants


About Miko Mai Ensemble

If you wish, we will perform the "Miko Mai" to pray for the long-lasting happiness of the bride and groom.
In that case, please pay the initial charge of 20,000 yen.

About the shrine

It is a historic shrine that has been built over 350 years ago and has been designated as an important cultural asset.
For more information about Asakusa Shrine's Headquarters

  • Please note that there are no air conditioning facilities, so it is hot in summer and cold in winter.
  • Barefoot ascension is not allowed. Be sure to wear socks, stockings, and socks.
  • 社殿見学のご予約を承っております。お気軽にお問い合わせください。


You can also take photos and videos in the formula. Please note the following points.

  • The position where the photographer stands is fixed, and shooting is prohibited during repair and ceremonial playing. In addition, since there are detailed rules, photographers please get explanations from the staff on that day.
  • Because it becomes explanation in Japanese, photographer please arrange one who can do Japanese.
  • Because of the space, we will only have two photographers.