At Asakusa Shrine, you can now see the state of the prayers performed at the shrine on Youtube live streaming.
From the viewpoint of preventing the new coronavirus infection, we will deliver the state of prayer at the same time even for those who are difficult to move in the distance.
The applicant himself will be praying for a shrine * Reservation required separately.
We accept various other prayers such as weddings, life rituals (Hatsunomiya, Shichigosan, etc.), group prayers (company visits), etc.
If you would like to live stream prayers, please apply from the following site.

Only those who invite youtube limited release can watch

Delivery cost: 20,000 yen
One fixed-point camera

Can be viewed to 50 terminals
(If you wish to set more settings for both fixed-point cameras and viewing terminals for shooting, please contact us separately.)
Contractor: Fantographs Co., Ltd.


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