Inheritance of traditional Japanese culture

In order to inherit the important things that are being lost in Japan now to the next generation
We do various activities.

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Inheritance of Japanese recruitment traditional culture

It is a recruitment activity currently under recruitment. We are waiting for the participation of many people.
We are looking for participants and volunteer staff each time.
If you are interested please contact us.

Asakusa Shrine Co., Ltd.

最新の『浅草神社 社子屋』

The shrine version of "Terakoya"

We regularly open office offices for the purpose of succeeding Japanese traditional culture, learn broadly the traditional culture and traditional arts, traditional arts and crafts etc. of ancient Japanese traditional culture and traditional arts, including Shinto, shrine and festival, It is a valuable opportunity to acquire knowledge and culture.
Everyone from children to adults can participate.
Let's learn together as a player to the next generation while also trying to interchange between generations.

■ Monthly (excluding January) 1 day / about 2 hours
If the opening day is weekday: 6 pm -
If the event day is Saturdays and Sundays: 4 pm -

※ Free entry fee · No application required · Late arrival early departs possible

最新の『浅草神社 社子屋』はこちら