In conjunction with Ueki City, which is the anniversary of Asakusa Fuji Asama Shrine, which is also a shrine of Asakusa Shrine, special Goshuin will be distributed at the shrine office of Asakusa Fuji Asama Shrine.
The Ueki City Special Goshuin is written in the Goshuin book.
We do not distribute only on paper, so please be sure to bring a Goshuin book.
We will limit it to one per person.

日時:5月27日(土)28日(日) 6月24日(土)25日(日)
   東京都台東区浅草5-3-2 (浅草警察署 斜向かい)

Goshuin, please line up with a space from the front.
Thank you for your cooperation in cough etiquette.
Thank you for your cooperation in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infection.

Resale of Goshuin is strictly prohibited.

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