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Special Goshuin 2 years of Reiwa

We distribute Setsubun special Goshuin.

The date and time: Monday, February 3 from 9:00 to 16:30

First ear fee: 500 yen

There is no distribution only on paper, so be sure to have your GoshuinPlease visit.

If you are going to receive a Goshuin at your company head, please read the followingPlease.
(1) Be sure to follow the instructions of the staff who is providing guidance and guidancePlease.
②Change the reception time and response method depending on the congestion situation on the dayIn some cases.
(3) You can keep up to one Goshuin book per person.It will be distributed up to one red seal.
(If you have your Goshuin book, please tell usPlease come out. )
に は In unforeseen circumstances, the distribution of Goshuin seals may be canceledPlease note that.
The Goshuin is a sign of worship.
Before (or after) your GoshuinBe sure to visit Asakusa Shrine.
We hope that you can distribute your Goshuin to as many people as you can.We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Knowing when to receive a Goshuin

  • Let's visit first
    I bow bow in front of the torii, clean it in the water shop, I will do it in the manners of bamboo clapping in front of the shrine.
  • Please tell us the desired Goshuin at the counter. In that case, Goshuin become the book to adjournment, please put out.
  • If you have a cover with buttons or a bookmarker is pinched between them, please remove it beforehand because it is difficult to push the sticker. Let's also loosen the binding strings. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • The typeface of a red seal varies depending on the writer. Please note.
  • Goshuin is a testimony of visitation, please bring the appropriate Goshuin book.

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