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Chengyang special Goshuin

September 9Chengyang Verses

It is also called chrysanthemum verse, chestnut verse, okuchi.

Of the positive numbers (odd numbers) that have long been considered auspicious in China, the maximum number of 9 overlaps, so it was a very hard day called “Cheyang”. On this day, there is a custom of drinking chrysanthemums and wishing for longevity and good health.

In the Edo period, it was celebrated in conjunction with the Autumn Harvest Festival as “Gokyu Day”. Thanks to God for harvesting with the harvested chestnut rice cooked with rice.

Chengyang special Goshuin Will be distributed.

Your own Goshuin Please bring your own book.
Goshuin Special for those who do not have a book Goshuin We do not distribute So be sure Goshuin Please bring a book.

First rice fee 500 yen
September 9, first year
Goshuin Reception hours 9: 00-16: 30

Goshuin Only one copy per person can be stored in the book.
recent years, Goshuin Those who receive the tend to increase.
The waiting time is getting longer year by year, which causes great inconvenience to you.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in dealing with the purpose of reducing congestion.

Also, as it is reported every day, it is expected to be a very hot day. Because there is a possibility that you will stay for a long time, please take measures against heat stroke such as hat and hydration supplement.

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