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Natsushima special stamp

Summer stamp
July 1 (Mon) to 7 (Sun)

Although summer stamp is printed on paper, it is pasted on a stamp, and a seal is stamped.
We do not distribute paper only. Please be sure to bring your thumbprint.
We will keep only one copy of the seal book.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in dealing with the purpose of reducing congestion.

The special seal is not distributed to those who do not have a seal book. Please be sure to bring your thumbprint.

Knowing when to receive a Goshuin

  • Let's visit first
    I bow bow in front of the torii, clean it in the water shop, I will do it in the manners of bamboo clapping in front of the shrine.
  • Please tell us the desired Goshuin at the counter. In that case, Goshuin become the book to adjournment, please put out.
  • If you have a cover with buttons or a bookmarker is pinched between them, please remove it beforehand because it is difficult to push the sticker. Let's also loosen the binding strings. We appreciate your cooperation.
  • The typeface of a red seal varies depending on the writer. Please note.
  • Goshuin is a testimony of visitation, please bring the appropriate Goshuin book.