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2021.08.26 Update

Reiwa 1988 Rice Cultivation Diary

September 11

Rice was made in the ear. It is getting heavy and drooping. "I think it's rice ears that hang down their heads to the end."

The rice that was made came to eat the japanese shark, so I put up a net. It is quite sturdy, but even so, the japanese shark sometimes gets in and is roughed up.
I look forward to the existence of Kakashi-san who made it miscellaneously.

August 26

The rice ear came out.

Sweet potato is fine as well.

August 8 Scarecrow Making Production Class

We held a scarecrow making production class.
We asked the children to make a oak to protect the rice and installed it in Kanda.
The scarecrow is exorcismed in front of the gods.

Sweet potato is fine as well.

July 29

After the rainy season ended, the rain continued, but the weather seemed to be stable at last, so we drained the water.
Stop watering and dry the soil. The soil is cracked.
By doing this, the roots grow deeper and longer in search of water, and air becomes wider in the soil.


July 19

The rainy season has 100 years old. From now on, it will be a battle against weeds. I want to do aigamo farming.

July 6

Orz I deleted the photo I took in June by mistake.
I'm growing up well.

May 31

【rice planting】

The narrow-Sanjamatsuri the rice plant is almost over, and rice planting finally begins.


Last year, due to coronal disaster, we did not recruit children, but we planted rice with staff, but this year we recruited children. It is held with a limit on the number of people than before.
Unfortunately it was raining in the morning, but it was very lively.
We will perform [Rice Planting Dedication Festival] before rice planting. It is a shinto thing that prays to God for a good work.


It is rice planting at last.
The seedling is planted according to the mark.


When the rice planting is over, this time the sweet potato seedlings are planted. It is a weak seedling, but this grows up splendidly to be surprised.

Finally, everyone took a group photo. May the rice bear fruit safely.

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