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Updated 2016.10.18

Heisei diary in Heisei 28

October 16 rice harvesting

It is finally rice reaping. If you remove the net of sparrows, it is quite refreshing. Approximately 20 children participated.

I will do a rice harvest festival before harvesting rice. I thank God for rice production, and I pray for the safety of harvesting.

Explanation of harvesting from the shrine. Listening to notes etc, it is finally rice reaping! !

My little child also worked hard.

It looks like a lot of it is taken, but unfortunately it is almost leaves.

When rice harvesting is over it is digging potatoes this time. We are digging sweet potatoes together.

I got a lot of tiny sweet potatoes. Good harvest

At the end we took a commemorative photo. Thank you for your hard work.

September 29

Rice turned brown with a good feeling.

It's crowded with rain that hangs head.

Sweet potato is fine as well. I have been haircut a couple of times, but it grows and grows.

It is nearly harvesting.

September 1

Rice was made in the ears, and it drooped.

As I thought the picture is small, it is hard to understand, but a lot of ears are produced.

I put up a net so that sparrows can not eat it.

Sweet potato is growing vigorously. I have to have a haircut soon.

Scarecrow classroom on August 20

The children gathered to make a Scarecrow.

I forgot to take a picture where I'm making a Scarecrow. Everyone made a small scarecrow.

I will exorcise the scarecrow made at the shrine.

The children had a scarecrow in the rice field.

At the end everyone gathers photographs. I wish for lots of rice.

August 18

My ears came. It has a small white stuff attached, but this is a flower, so we can pollinate with winds from now and make rice.

It is difficult to understand because the picture is small, but a lot of ears.

I have to set up a net by sparrow measures soon.

Sweet potato is fine as well.

Aug. 1

It was not long draining with the long rainy season, but today it is the fifth day of draining water today. It was a little late. Rice is very energetic.

I also have a haircut a few times for sweet potatoes.

Fresh rice is growing up shabby.

July 16

It grew one whole month at a stretch from rice planting.

Sweet potato is fine as well.

I am looking forward to it.

June 7

It has been a lot longer than rice planting.

Sweet potato is not cheerful. I feel like withering ......

I still feel weak, but I hope that you will grow safely.

May 29 rice planting

I prepared a planter to plant rice the day before.

It is Kanda who plant rice.

I got rice separated from acquaintance farmers.

Many children gathered. First of all, I will do a rice planting annual festival and pray for good harvest to God.

It is finally rice planting. I learn how to plant from the shrine. We will plant it according to the sign.

I think there are not many experiences such as thrusting hands in mud, but they seemed to be fun.

The remaining rice was taken home by everyone. Because I can also be raised in a bucket, I was asked to do it at home.

I feel a bit sticky, but I finished safely. And I still forgot to take a group photo.

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