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Updated 2013.10.30

Heisei diary in Heisei 20

September 8

Ears caught in almost all rice! ! The stock is still as thin as ever, but I admired that she could spit like this.

It is almost a month behind last year's rice diary diary. Also, whether rice can be made inside. Is it going to be a matter of sunshine hours? I hope that you will be able to harvest some rice.

August 31

The prayers of the children who made the Scarecrow came through, but my ears caught with two planters! The white flowers are in bloom all the while. As long as I'm glad I gave up almost.

I have not yet spiked out here. The stock is also thin.

As somehow I was able to see hope, but I hope everything is done without fail.

The sweet potato is already tremendous. I have my hair cut after this.

Making scarecrows August 24

It is an annual scarecrow making classroom, which has become a great year as to whether or not rice can be made. Even if it says Scarecrow, it becomes a small thing of about 10 centimeters.

Draw a face on the head made of clay, paste cloth on the body of disposable chopsticks and make it into clothes. Everyone made a hard effort to make it fun.

I could do it like this.

I will exorcise the Scarecrow Scarecrow in the shrine.

Before setting up in rice field, we took a memorial photo with everyone. I could not make a big scarecrow.

I will have a scarecrow at the place I am willing to ask the children. Children who participated in rice planting were on the side of rice planted by themselves. No one touched things that rice is much thinner than last year, is not it aware or kind?

Finally we all ate ice cream!
Good work everyone during the hot weather <(_ _)>
I wish you good luck with rice.

August 9

Even in August, rice stocks do not seem to get fat. By the time last year, my ears were already on, but (cry)

Harvesting may be difficult for a while this year.

July 27

I put water. The stock is getting thicker a little. I think the green color is getting deeper.

We started recruiting scarecrows! I do not know whether rice can be taken really this year, but I am waiting for participation.

sweet potato. Although it was no longer good, I cut the crane that was growing too long.

July 26

On the 5th day after draining water, the soil is cracked. I will put some water in about a second.

July 21

I have not grown so much, but it is a time of liberating water, so I tried to drain water. Originally it was intended to prevent tillering (stalking), so I did not know whether or not to do it, but I tried it for the time being.

This rice is getting thicker.

Overall it is a lonely sight.

July 6

Water has become clean but has not grown so much. It got a bit taller and taller, but I can see that it has not grown any more than last year.

Paying attention to the abnormality of rice, sweet potato is totally absent.

June 18

As I got a smell, I planted the seedling again. I mixed with the surplus seedlings and planted what I had withered a bit.

Sweet potato is doing fine.

June 15

Apparently the soil seems to be completely rotten, and things like methane gas started to occur. You will be told that it smells of horse dads or stuffed cattle. Inevitably, I changed my soil. The rice planted by the children are avoided aside.

I changed the soil and fixed the water. After this, I looked at the situation and re-planted the rice. Will you grow up safely?

June 5

About a week from rice planting. The size of the seedlings remained almost unchanged. There is something strange smell. Apparently, because of too much fertilizer in the soil, it seems that it is fermenting. I tried to send air into the soil, put all the water back in, and various trials and errors.

Sweet potatoes have been growing for a while.

May 26 rice planting

It is finally rice planting. Many children gathered. I will do a rice planting festival and pray for the fruits of rice to God.

First of all, adults practice how to plant. I plant seedling firmly in the soil until the wrist is buried.

Each child, who receives seedlings, plant seedlings at regular intervals according to the mark. If it is too dense, pollination by wind will not work well, it seems that rice just with rice hulls will be made.

Children planted rice while muddy their hands.

It was well planted!

Annual sweet potato. I dig the potato together when harvesting. This year I planted different varieties.

It is completed by setting up the net. I hope to grow up safely.

I forgot to take a group photo. Instead, some photos of participating children seemed to be reflected in all.
It seems to be the time when rice planting is over and you are receiving some explanation. maybe.

Earth making

I will prepare soil the day before planting rice. Mix with fertilizer and put it in a large planter called Ship Pla.

Pour water, stir the soil and water thoroughly with a stirrer. I borrowed the agitator from the local people.

This wooden box is for sweet potatoes. I'm putting down excessive soil.

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