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2011.07.16 Updated

Tanabata Decoration Production Classroom in Heisei 23

Tanabata Decorative Workshop was held at Asakusa Shrine office from 14:00 on Sunday, July 3, 2011.

This year it was held at the new office. The room becomes larger than the temporary office until last year, and the cooler is working perfectly. Since we focused on public relations more than usual, a small number of 25 people participated.

There were many kindergarten children this year. However, compared with last year I felt that the scams of scissors and origami were few. It is a necessary experience to use less tools cooperatively by everyone.

We made a lot of decorations with everyone. The room is full of children's enthusiasm.

I also wrote a strip of paper.

I will exorcise at the shrine with decorations and strips I made. Suddenly nominated "Tamushi Fusumaki" which became an annual custom. She is a regular child, so she did it smoothly.

Everyone decorated the bamboo in front of the shrine. Tanabata decorations and strips are attached to the bamboo everyone. Bamboo is big swing from last year.

We put decorated bamboo in front of the shrine, and in front of us sang the Tanabata songs. May your wish reach God.


At the end everyone gathers photographs. Hopefully everyone's wish will come true.

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