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2022.09.17 更新

Reiwa 4th Year Rice Diary



August 22



8月7日 かかし作り教室







July 19

I'm growing up well. I have to drain the water soon, but now that it's raining a lot, it's a big problem.

June 30

One month after rice planting. The unusually short rainy season has come to an end. The rice seedlings are a little sloppy, but they are growing safely.
Sweet potato seedlings seem to be healthier than usual.

June 2

I just planted rice. It is still a weak seedling.

May 29

【rice planting】

This year, too, the time for rice planting has finally arrived.
Corona is still buzzing, but it is held with a limit on the number of people.

First of all, the Rice Planting Dedication Festival. I offer my congratulations to God to plant rice and pray for its safe fruit.

Rice seedlings are planted according to the mark on the rice field. The kids seemed to enjoy the feel of the mud.
Next plant sweet potato seedlings.
This year, with the guidance of a specialist, we planted the plant in a different way than usual. He seems to come to see how things are going, and this year it may be good.

Next, we will make rice paddies.

I wish you good luck with rice.

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