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Asakusa Shrine Shijiji surname "Saito (Hajime)" Last name renewed to last name

October 18, Heisei 20
Asakusa Shrine Society Meeting
Asakusa Shrine Shijiji Temple surname change name committee

"Emperor Suko 36 years (AD 628) Early in the morning, Hinamee Hamasunari (Hinnuma no Hamamari) · Takezui (Takeover) While brothers fishing at Edo-ur, I found out that it was a statue of St. Kansei Bodhisattva worshiped by Tsuneishi Nakajima (Naka no Naka), and I went home and devoted himself deeply to the temple. "
 This is the story of Sensoji Temple, written in "Sensoji Temple".
Later, as for Tomo Hitori know as "Tsutomu Makoto Mission" (Matsuki no Matsuchi) "Hinokama Mihama Nante (Hinokuma's Hamari na Mikoto)" "Hinamee Takeshito Ai (Hinokuma's Takehi only Together with Asakusadera Main Hall, it was enshrined as the "three company major authority" (Sanshi Daigen) together with its descendants such as "Denjyoubou", "Saito boy" It is called "Sanseikei (Mikei)" in the name of "Chōbōbo (gyoobou)", and was served as a priest in Asakusa in the generations as a priest.
 The Tempo family who called "the temple buddha" served as a priest (a priest serving the shrine) of "Three-Company Authentic Company (Current Asakusa Shrine)", but the gods and buddies issued by the government in the first Meiji period In the separation order, the company name was changed to "three companies Akejin company", Tadayoshi Tsuchiya (Daishijo Tenju Doujyo) was transferred to the company and became a secretary (now the principal) and the name It was renamed "Daito Nagayo (Nagaoki)", later renamed "Daito Inner Meiten (no-no)" and served as a priest.
 Meanwhile, the temple temple of Asakusa Temple was handed over to Asai Jundo, a blood group of the "Tsuchiya family" as the sixth century, afterwards served as Asakusa Temple and was inherited to the 62nd century.
 The eldest son of Tsuchiya Zen sau "Kinno じ ょ (kin no yuu)" refuses to inherit the name of the "Tsuchiya" once due to circumstances, but he is said to have received from the surname of the state scholar who was studied during adolescence Yano ", I am hired by the office of the secretary. This "Yano" surname is to the "Lady Yano Temple (Yasumichi) (Tsuchiya Ipusi)" which is his legacy and then to the present Asakusa Shinto shrine "Yasaru Yano (Daishi 62)" Inherited from today, we should inherit the surname of "Daishi" as the company's primary if it is based on the circumstances described above.

 Well, although it is derived from the surname of "Satoshi", its ancestor is "Nomi Ryosuke (only Squawn)", won the sumo wrestling with sumo wrestling with " It is enshrined as a god of sumo wrestling even now. The fellow Nomi Yuuki stopped the martial death that had been customary until then at the time of the empress, and changed to be able to make "clay rings" instead. Thanks to that achievement "Satoshi" given the surname, will take the role of the imperial funeral ritual.
 And in order to spread the ritual by this clay wheel, its descendants are scattered all over Japan, one of which is believed to have settled in the land of Asakusa. In Asakusa, Imabodaki originated from the fact that good clay was taken, and because of the family that partitioned the funeral of the Imperial Family, even in Asakusa, which was a remote place at the time when it was less than a hundred years since Buddhism, a statue of St. Genson Bodhisattva Was it possible to know and know.
 Sugawara Michimoku is also produced in the descendants of Nomi Yadozaki, a monument of Nomi Yadozaki is built in Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine and in Tajima Temmangu Shrine in Fujiiji City, Osaka Prefecture, "Tsuchiya ( Hajime ") is enshrined.
 The last name of the shrine of "Asakusa Shrine" starting from the company monk of "Three Company Authorized Company" and serving as a guardian of "Three Company Meigami Sha" is the "Satoshi" originally, carrying the history and culture of this degree To that, we are proud for Mrs. Asakusa. Then, with the series of "Tsubasa" continuing and continuing, we will disseminate the historical circumstances of Kannon and the three companies and the Asukusa grass wadding to the inside and outside of Asakusa, as well as the further development of the community · We should lead to activation.
 Current prince who is succeeding the name of "Yano" from "Daishi" also received the request of Ms. Chieko and other representatives of Mrs. Ms. Chieko, decided to rename to "surname" last name.
 As a matter of fact, I would like to thank you for your efforts in serving Shinmei Service as "Asakusa Shrine Taisya Taisya (Yasura)" in the future with your determination of Mr. and his consensus.
 In order to widely announce the purpose of this revised name to the town including the Asakusa city and to commemorate this gift, it was decided to build "the stone monument of Asakusa Shinto shrine" on March 18, It was.
 To everyone involved, including Mrs. Taka and Reverend, we thank you for your understanding of the circumstances above and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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