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Results of the selection screening of the Sanjamatsuri Heisei Year 2009

When we recruited Sanjamatsuri Hayagi in 2009, there were a lot of entries.
Thank you for many applications. We will announce the result of each prize.

Sanjamatsuri Grand Prize / 1 point

Posted at 30,000 yen in the first generation Kawayu Medal / precinct
Hara Mirai who makes all three companies Edoguchi

Ichinomiya Prize / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct
Sanjamatsuri Love and quarrel was also transferred and Fujimura Tsubaki

Ninomiya Award / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct
Shakin 'shook narrowly to popularize Kannon Asahi Ihara

Sannomiya Prize / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct
Kanzo Kobayashi Sanjamatsuri cuts three days with my wife


Hidegi Award / 10 points

Original memento / posted in precincts

Squirrel Pen name
Sanjamatsuri Plus only thinking face Ogura Toshie
Screenshot of the Sha-mail screen Heisei apples candy
Dog cats are also reluctant to stay in the Sanjamatsuri Sasaki middle-aged and blistery
I am interested in Edokko and have Hana in a mikoshi Ichida Water Marine moon
A convenient mind shrine to know with GPS Yoshiyuki Kawano
Benefit Fun Sanjamatsuri Ikeda whale
Sanjamatsuri old mouth has main strength Honma Hazime
Edo Mikoshi Flower Stick Hayashi Kozo
Three companies ASAKUSA will become Asakusa Matsuhashi Oimeha
After entering the temple, it became a guest of the six wards Yamamoto Keima


Honorable mention / 100 points ago

Posted in the precincts

Squirrel Pen name
Oedo looks at the net of the three companies Matsukawa Tearful Scarlet
Oh, May Sanjamatsuri and Kawanagi Shimotsu Teruhasu
I remember the three companies when the silkworm is served Shigeo Kusakariya
Genes are raging in May Sanjamatsuri Karuo Imaoka
Sanjamatsuri is near now Kadowaki Beach beef
Sanjamatsuri aiming to fight with metabolism Ezo Tanako
Finally I see Lantern lantern looking again Hirotaka Ito
Three companies that will raise the value of super vegetables Mr. Asakusa
Sanjamatsuri that also carries a thought calling the Olympics Uno Shinkaru or rain
Sanjamatsuri to envy Edokko's friend This time of Nagatomi
Evening festival where you can not wait and wander around in Chari Hiroaki Takahashi
Around here and three companies' contest contest Tokutaro Arai
Spending up for 3 benefits Momomo Ando
Large lantern Today is a supporting role Sanjamatsuri Yasuko Iumuma
Sanjamatsuri coloring Asakusa's early summer Odagi Tamotsu
A fruit who listens to the evening girls by the belly child Akiko Kato
Parents and children waiting for shoulder to arrive at the shrine morning glory
Close blood pressure rises near the Sanjamatsuri Kotokurenai
Cherry blossoms also became young leaves and "Three Shrines” Yamashita Sanada
Benisa who carries a gentle breeze behind the alley Kasai style
Even in the recession blood is troubled Sanjamatsuri Shoichi Sato
For the first time in two years everyone is waiting for the temple Yasuko Shimura
Sanjamatsuri Modern history harmony Yuzu Matsutani
The entrance into the temple where the burning remains Nojida Ueda
It becomes a demon of festival married to Asakusa Masato Nakahara
Drawing the first grandchild, the shrine of the three companies Back to the host
Phoenix also roars sharply and enters the temple Muto Aoi Wind
Blow away the hot economic depression in Miyazu Minori Miyauchi
Sanjamatsuri where Atsuhime was definitely watching Imai Red dragonfly
Sanjamatsuri holding the blood of blood donation Tomisaku Tomi
Moving towns moving to three companies Kurno evening rain
Sanjamatsuri that is far away and looks on the net Ogawa Sanko
Read the swordsmen, walk as you see Asakusa Koyama Shigeru Saku
Sanjamatsuri that throws out boring lady Takata Hakamada
The deceased father is not in the grave and three companies Matsuoka Mitsuzu
The Sanjamatsuri where the sisters come home that day Mariko Yoshihara
Sanjamatsuri rings are popular Ito festival lover
Sanjamatsuri Old and young bloom in Edo Wave of Negishi world
The temple of the evening meeting the grandson who came with him Katsumi Saito
Child-raising is over and it will be the flower of the three companies Iwao Nakazawa
Sanjamatsuri with unknown son of Enoken Miyasaka Matsukaze
Sanjamatsuri seeking new mood Masahito Inouchi
Sanjamatsuri to return to Japan I forgot Okamoto Masunna
Sanjamatsuri felt like to become Edo child Furusa Ogabe
Three company's days boiling in green tea Kotori Kinoko
Sanjamatsuri I want to show my wife a sunny appearance Ueno Gakusei
Three companies with three shrines Hiromi Saito
I am not scared of my company or my wife Ogawa pig
At that time he looks at the three company's mikoshi heals Kimura Isao
Bean-fried bean that starts summer from three companies Tsuruoka Oita
Three companies leaving the nishikie Kaga poetry
I like Asakusa who likes Edo Festival love Takejin heavy wind
Edo Biennial Will God also delight Doraemon Kubo
Three company's day when the shout is roaring in heaven Small injury Tama
Sanjamatsuri long hair pulled up Sakurako Kimura
Mikoshi voice carrying the soul from the bottom Toru Kimura
The face of Edo's shrine Matsuko who holds the sticks Akihiro Masamichi
Sanjamatsuri to show life alike Kazuo Kikuchi
It will be the face of a festival not shown at work Junichi Kitamura
To the festival love Parts with that part Shizue Narushima
Three companies with no disparity in their lives Seto Pirica
The shamisen mikoshi no more the blood of the year South England
Shichinism's "Inarage" for marriage items Okabe Mukubo
Sanjamatsuri as eyes of sky tree bird Harada Ochan
Sanjamatsuri that reaches images of mobile phones Arai Butterfly
Sanjamatsuri that also carries energetically Araffo Yamamoto Yanagi
Edo sightseeing along with a shrine Sakai special mention
I want to show to "Kibo" hot air Sanjamatsuri Ito rising
One after another with a shrine mikoshi Minna Bin
Shinwa transit to the weight of tradition Kikawa Kikizumi
Turn off and turn on with a mikoshi Michio Suka
Summer festival Meet you only meet now Nakano Yu
Wishing to go anywhere for three days Mikoshi Honda purple circle
A rough mikoshi that makes the birds sounding Koichi Masuda
The heat of Edoguchi boosts the sky Miyako Sato
The shadow of the branch of Sophora on the roof of the mikoshi Mr. Sugawara
Put a shoulder in a shrine without removing earrings Yamaguchi Sachi
Sanjamatsuri are showing father power The asses of Yoshikawa Iguchido
Sanjamatsuri swaying in a dream and swaying in a mikoshi Koichi Odaga
Shabu horse rampages and falls in love with a mikoshi Kobayashi Kari
Three companies looking at subordinates who work more than work Matsunaga Sago
Sanjamatsuri surely that girl has come to see Miwa Owada
Omakoshi's walking pedestrian walking pedestrian Watanabe likes Kabe
Grandpa carrying three companies with Kawagaya Shimada Nagaya Kumaichi
Sanjamatsuri the daughter of Edokko shines Keiichi Tomita
Sanjamatsuri Yes We Can Edoguchi Fukushima Yamandado
Breath out stalls through the coalition Sawakibe Sakabe
Sanjamatsuri No distinction within other people Yamamoto Ishio
Go to the Sanjamatsuri way home and go Harada Ochan
Sanjamatsuri seeking the chance of three star Imai Namppa
Sanjamatsuri who got tired of seeing enough to get bored Shigeo Yamada
Three companies that are likely to meet Tora Watanabe's festival
I knew you more than you Sanjamatsuri Junji Goto
Three days Sanjamatsuri forgotten recession three days only Kimi Nakamura
Restore the cracks of the Sanjamatsuri families Toshio Haruyama
The stress was also revamped with three companies Soiya Masataru Matsuda
Looking Sanjamatsuri Swallow's nest Yokoji Onikaya
Sanjamatsuri that I want to come and come again Kikuchi Mine
Sanjamatsuri ended aged three years old aged return Nomura eighth day
Sanjamatsuri Baton link to the future Karagi Koga


Special Prize / Junior Division

Original memento / posted in precincts

Squirrel Pen name
Sanjamatsuri In the middle of Edoguchi Gunji Gunung
From Edo culture, irritated three companies Takahashi Kanami
The sound of flute is surely Gigi Asakusa Mai Takahashi
Sanjamatsuri will teach that summer has come. Maki Yano
Blows with May Festival Kotomi Murakoshi
I went to Happi and chased with my friend. Yasunori Kohara
Sanjamatsuri Edo which seems to be pretty Kaneda shrimp
Let's wear a yukata and go with Sanjamatsuri Ishikawa Haruka
Sanjamatsuri makes me feel like the Edo period Sato blackboard eraser
Today only Sanjamatsuri with my father Takahashi Superman
Sanjamatsuri whistle that remains in heart Tanaka Johnny
Bright and Edo revive the Sanjamatsuri Chihiro Furusawa


Thank you for your entry. We are waiting for your application again.

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