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Asakusa Shrine first visit

Please cooperate with distributed worship.
New Year's Day-January 31

New year prayer

Reservations are recommended for both individual and group prayers.
We will pray without a reservation, but please note that reservations will be given priority and you may have to wait.
Number of attendees: Individual prayer: Up to 5 people per family
Group prayer: Up to 10 people per group

Awarding of gods, amulets, and lucky charms

Distribution time
New Year's Day: 0:00 am to 7:00 pm
January 2-3: 8:30 am to 6:00 pm
January 4-7: 9 am-6pm
January 8-11: 9 am-5 pm
After January 12: 9 am-4:30pm

Red stamp

It will be written down.
First visit special Goshuin: New Year's Day-January 31 (up to 1 per person)

Reheating reception

Old bill acceptance period: From December 25th to January 15th
* Dharma, rakes, and dolls cannot be stored.

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