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Ebisu-sama special Goshuin

October 20th is the festival of "Ebisu-sama," one of the seven deities of good fortune.
At Asakusa Shrine, which enshrines Ebisu-sama in the shrine, we distribute the watermarked "Mikami Kagefuda (500 yen per body)" entrusted to us by Nishinomiya Shrine in Hyogo Prefecture, which is the head office of Ebisu faith. ..

Goshuin of Mr. Ebisu will be distributed on October 19th (Monday) and 20th (Tuesday).
* The sample is an image. The date will be the date of worship.

Period: October 19th (Monday) and 20th (Tuesday)
Hours: 9 am-4pm
First ear charge: 500 yen

From the perspective of preventing infection with the new coronavirus, we will take the following measures to alleviate congestion.

※Please be sure to read it. ↓
① Please refrain from lining up before the reception starts.
Goshuin will not disappear during the period.

(2) All Goshuin will be [Paper distribution].
Please bring Goshuin in the book, I do not do Josho and pasting.

③ Up to 1 coupon can be distributed per person.
Goshuin is [a proof of worship of the recipient].
Resale is strictly prohibited.

④ Please cooperate in wearing the mask. We kindly ask you to encourage cough etiquette and give consideration to other people, such as leaving a space between them.

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