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About holding of Sensoji temple main ancestorship Asakusa Shrine shrine shrine "Doage, Dodown"

Holding to reduce the spread of new coronavirus infection

Changed the use of Miyamikoshi for raising and lowering halls to Karahitsu


The Asakusa Shrine (Miyashi: Koji Hashi), the Asakusa Shrine Fundraiser (Chairman: Unosuke Miyamoto), and the Asakusa Tourism Federation (Chairman: Shimi Fuji) are keenly sanctioned. As a result of careful consideration of the holding of the `` lowering '', it has been reduced to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection Three Month 17 Sun (Tue), 18 We perform on Wednesday.

The shrine will not be transferred to the main temple of the temple by the shrine, but the religion of Asakusa Shrine will be transferred to the main temple of the temple by Karatto. The transfer process will also be performed with a minimal configuration such as torches, drums, and karato. After taking measures against the new coronavirus as much as possible, we will go to the service with a minimum number of members of Sensoji temple monk, Asakusa shrine priest, Sodai and several people involved. This year was also the year of the Tokyo Olympics, and we thought that visitors from overseas would be able to see it, but I am sorry that it was closed down.

Year 628 Year Three Month 18 Because of the announcement of the Holy Kanzeon Bodhisattva on the day, the Senso-ji Temple Bonsai Show was held to celebrate the birthday of the town of Asakusa, and until the Meiji Restoration was held as an integral event with the Sanjamatsuri I was After the Meiji Restoration, the " Sanjamatsuri " began to be held in May due to the Shinto-Buddha Separation Order. In 2000, we recreated a part of the original form, "Senso-ji Honson Show" and "Traditional Sanjamatsuri ". This year is also a commemorative year, one hundred and fifty years after the Meiji Restoration, which triggered the separation.

In addition, it is 13,000 years from Sensoji Temple's main statue. In anticipation of the grand celebration of 1,400 years eight years later, this event has the meaning of continuing without interruption, and it will be a shrinking but strict one.

■ [Purpose]

In the early morning of March 18th, Emperor Suiko Emperor Suiko (628), the Sensoji Temple Honden Genkai gathered his brothers, Himae Hamanari and Takenari, in Edoura (Miyatogawa river downstream of the Sumida River). In the meantime, he discovered a Buddha statue in a cast net, worshiped by Hashishi Manakachi and knew that it was a statue of the Holy Kanze Bodhisattva, and, together with his servant, laid the statue on a tree stump of sophora (enju). It is an event based on Sensoji Temple Engi. According to the auspicious occasion, the “Akaza no Kusado” was built overnight, and the statue was enshrined in the Kusado by the hands of ten children.It is said that this was the beginning of Sensoji Temple, and thus “Sensoji Temple” The Honjin Gengenkai was held to celebrate the birth of the town of Asakusa.

Until the Edo period, the festival was held in conjunction with the transfer of mikoshi as an integral event of the Sanjamatsuri, but after the Meiji Restoration, the Sanjamatsuri was held in May due to the Shinto-Buddha Separation Order. The original meaning of "Sensouji Honson Gengenkai", as shown on the right, has been lost.

Even if I do as a person rooted in us Asakusa, the "Senso-ji Temple Buddha vision meeting" it is possible to achieve so crowded even has become a long overdue, 2000, entitled "Traditional Sanjamatsuri as part of the boat shrines" By recreating it, the history of the birth of Asakusa was widely spread inside and outside the country, and it was carried out with the aim of further developing the town of Asakusa.

■ Asakusa Shrine "God"

Date: Reiwa Two Year Three Month 17 Tuesday afternoon 6 Hours-afternoon 7 Around time

Place: Asakusa Shrine precincts, Sensoji temple precincts

■ Asakusa Shrine, Shinto Spirit

Date: Reiwa Two Year Three Month 18 Wednesday morning 9 Hours-morning 9 Around half an hour

Venue: Asakusa Shrine and Sensoji Temple

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