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Daegu Festival

Participation in the Otsuki Festival has reached the capacity, so it has been closed

On November 14th (Thursday), we will go to “Daijosai” from 10:00.

Xinjiang Festival to thank God for the newly harvested grain.
The first festival that takes place for the first time after the Emperor's imperial throne is the “Daegu Festival”.

The Daegu Festival is a ritual that is held once for the Emperor, and is indispensable for being a throne.
In order to thank and pray to the gods including Amaterasu God, Daegu festivals are held at shrines nationwide.

Asakusa Shrine will perform “Daijosai” from 10:00 on Thursday, November 14th.

If you would like to attend the Otsuchi Festival at Asakusa Shrine, please apply by phone. (* Application will be terminated as soon as capacity is reached.)

For those attending the Otsuki Festival, we will write a Goshuin that is exclusive to the attendees, along with the gifts. In addition, we will not distribute this Goshuin, so please bring your Goshuin book.

Date: Thursday, November 14
* Please note that the annual Shinshu Festival on November 23 will not be held.

Reception hours: 9: 15-9: 40
The priest will explain the festival, so please be punctual.

Tamakushi: Please pay your feelings for 1000 yen as a guide. (Including red stamp charges)

Celebration time: about 1 hour

Note: You cannot enter the hall with bare feet. Please wear socks and stockings.
There is no air conditioning in the shrine. Please stay warm.

If you have any questions, please contact Asakusa Shrine office (03-3844-1575).

-Special red stamp distribution at company headquarters-

A special Goshuin will be distributed at the Asakusa Shrine head office on November 14 (Thursday).

Schedule: November 14 (Thu), 15 (Fri) 2 days

Reception hours: 9am-4:30 pm
* We cannot accept overtime.

First panicle fee: 500 yen

In addition, we will not distribute special Goshuin stamps, so please bring your own Goshuin book.

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