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New Year Sanjamatsuri Kawayanagi selection result

New Year Sanjamatsuri When I recruited for Kawayanagi, there were many applications.
Thank you for many applications. We will announce the results of each award.

Sanjamatsuri Grand Prize / 1 point

Posted at 30,000 yen in the first generation Kawayu Medal / precinct

Ichinomiya Prize / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct

Ninomiya Award / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct

Sannomiya Prize / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct


Hidegi Award / 10 points

Original memento / posted in precincts

Squirrel Pen name
Boiled to the birth year Sanjamatsuri Yuki Fukuda
Sanjamatsuri Take on the new era Twisted cat
Odaikoyuki Theresuka and Bin Sasara Kazunori Higuchi
A tricycle that will eventually carry on three companies Beach grapes
The blood of three companies that block Rei-chan's resignation Baby carriage 7
Hakuho Brings Summer To Requisite Keiko
Open up the future of reconstruction Sanjamatsuri Asjin
Sanjamatsuri I have no time to play Toshio Yamagata
Flower of Edo Sansha Seal Takada Shosei
Asakusa first cheers up Aoshiao


Honorable mention / 100 points ago

Posted in the precincts

Squirrel Pen name
Sanjamatsuri The future we see in the moon Yamashita Sanada
Three companies will take on new generations Yasuda Kyu beef
Sanjamatsuri Change of no dispute Weave
Even if it is a good generation, the three companies that dance to Hakuto Middle-aged and blistery
Congratulations to Chiyo Chiyo in Yachiyo Sanjamatsuri Moon rabbit
Joy is the generation of peace Sanjamatsuri Humble
Sanjamatsuri spanning several eras Fumer
A rampage of the early summer day Sanmasa
Connect the hundred and ten generations Sanjamatsuri In addition, @
Three companies to pass from Masakazu to the Requisite Ehime Hirakuuro
Acupuncture and new life Sanjamatsuri Ichibe
new era Sanjamatsuri Open the curtain Icchan
Future attraction of downtown Sanjamatsuri Uno Kenji
Connect peace to relegation Sanjamatsuri Odd
Take over your generation quickly Sanjamatsuri Martian
Sanjamatsuri Spring shakes the capital Tokyo Komosa
After all the world of demeanor Sanjamatsuri Let's go
Sanjamatsuri Praying for peace Small diameter
Sanjamatsuri Even the generation of a thousand years ahead Salvia
There is a remission at the end of the shrine we received Swallow
With Shingengo Ieina "Three Shrines” Kagamine
Asakusa more than a moon trip Sanjamatsuri Bin-chan
Rejoice with the feet of a back child Sanjamatsuri All year secretary
Baton for spirits Sanjamatsuri Snowfall
God also laughs at the day Sanjamatsuri Yuri
Sanjamatsuri Sail into the sea of regal Hanabe Abe
Sanjamatsuri See Asakusa Tomorrow Hatch
Maiden dances and celebrates a new generation Flower diameter
Sanjamatsuri The age of the devil watching over Enju Kerone
Three ropes pull up and open the world of regal Iji
Pursue a dream to a reluctance Sanjamatsuri Hiropi
From Mars Sanjamatsuri Homecoming Matteboshi
Sanjamatsuri The voice of the people who resonates with the demeanor Moth
Elderly couple looking closely at the shrine 可 子 子
Sanjamatsuri Only future-oriented faces Yajiroba
Health that straddles in five companies No. 3 company as is
Sanjamatsuri The early days of taking charge of the demean Earl Gray
Sanjamatsuri The Edo period is also the wind of Edo Tamaji
I rushed to three companies in the tabi Luke
With the torch that decorates the history of Sanjamatsuri Tomiko
Buzz is a year Sanjamatsuri early summer
The ritual of three companies celebrating alternative Farm
Sanjamatsuri Hatsushingu of the Reich's Day Sherlock
Follow the dream in three companies straddling the original issue Mercy I
Heisei Farewell to send bottles A late cat ☆
Even in our homes Sanjamatsuri Oh yeah
AI also boosts three companies You
To good generation Sanjamatsuri Good ship Grandpa Z!
The sound of knitting that continues to the new generation Michiko
Sanjamatsuri The future of going in Edo's stride Sakai special mention
Spirit of the three companies that bounce back to the original Again
I will come to tell you the summer of three companies Miyama
Sanjamatsuri with Alternative Flowers Mado Kei
Sanjamatsuri If you go, it looks like a regal Green
Hike the Heisei and make three generations Hello
Sanjamatsuri Participation from mother's belly Summer season
Edo still lives in the New Oshiro Sanjamatsuri Wenzhou oranges
Connect Tradition to Grace Sanjamatsuri Here
I am receiving new wind from a bottleza and dancing Ayako
Boil in the new world Sanjamatsuri Benjamin
The soul that the three shrines of the soul celebrate Uhcho Kopi
Bingzasara to live a new generation Masashi
It is still good to save the third generation Third board
See you next year Sanjamatsuri Get older 666
Shinjingen celebrating three companies of Aragami Cocky
In Edo Shinto Chiyo to Yachiyo Sanjamatsuri carrier pigeon
Sanjamatsuri Raise the God of Deity Grandfather
Sanjamatsuri The first carrier of the new era Itagaki Mitsuyuki
Stack one era Sanjamatsuri Hiroshi Itagaki
A god chasing a gal with a hand drawn figure Gocho
The Edo style supported by the sweat of the bearer Sakenomi Kus
Say and celebrate the beautiful generation Sanjamatsuri Akumi
A day when this grandson takes on a runaway shrine Haruta
May with the May celebration to celebrate Sanjamatsuri Masanari Asama
Sanjamatsuri The future drawn by the web of Deiwa Ishii Haruji
Kusanagi Festival after the curb Hirotaka Ito
Sanjamatsuri A thick rope that connects to the demeanor Junko Ebihara
The first exam of Mayu Hon Toshiko
Sanjamatsuri To the world of demeaning Sasaki Toshiko
Iza Dowa 3 company Shinko started Nagamoto Haga
Sanjamatsuri Raise the curtain of demean Minoru Takeshi
Three companies that will be taken over by grandchildren Ikunuma Yasuko
Child to grandson Sanjamatsuri Continues to bloom Kaoru Matsubara
Sanjamatsuri Dumplings that look big and finished rookie
New era Sanjamatsuri Is hospitality Oriental pearl
Back extension of Shingo carrying Shingen Yanagi
Dance of the wing which spreads wings for tomorrow At last
Connect the gods received from shoulder to shoulder to the child Karin Uenohara
This world is also fortunate Sanjamatsuri Masaaki
Peace is good for the new generation Sanjamatsuri Trakichi
寿 寿 手 hand and hand Sanjamatsuri Sentence
Sanjamatsuri The mind that will continue to the next generation Rinka
The new generation is a festive mood Mariko
The future of Edo Sanjamatsuri Weathercock
To the three souls and grandchildren Hiroshi Abe
The three pillars are also a reference world Gale
Sanjamatsuri Dream to the new era Maiden
Connect with the future to connect the people and town Etsuo Hara
The present, the past and the future Sanjamatsuri Sayakana
A lucky bag stuffed with the remnants of Heisei Takao Asama


Special Prize / Junior Division

Original memento / posted in precincts

Squirrel Pen name
Ten years later I will also carry Edo Kamisu Takumi Haruki
Sanjamatsuri Hope for the next generation future Shimotsuki
Always go Sanjamatsuri Father smiles Yu
Sum of the three company deities handed over from Masakazu Shinohara Yudai
How many times does the era change in my life? Miyaguchi Mao
Shine the Goddess and Dreams Spring
Together with the three companies TikTok Festival man
Sanjamatsuri Carrying the Goddess and the Future 妃 地 妃
I dye your sweat that pulls a net Iroha
To the next generation of three companies that are on fire Baby

Thank you for your entry. We are waiting for your application again.

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