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Sanjamatsuri Heisei 1998 selection result

When we recruited Sanjamatsuri Sawayanaga in 1990, there were a lot of applications.
Thank you for many applications. We will announce the result of each prize.

Sanjamatsuri Grand Prize / 1 point

Posted at 30,000 yen in the first generation Kawayu Medal / precinct

Ichinomiya Prize / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct

Ninomiya Award / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct

Sannomiya Prize / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct


Hidegi Award / 10 points

Original memento / posted in precincts

Squirrel Pen name
Three companies like to increase access if you murmur Kosugi
Sanjamatsuri Heisei also paid Kagamine
Sanjamatsuri Fuuta
Sanjamatsuri clears up Morikake's depression OK
Three companies' day SNS also flourishes Yajiroba
Three networks gone with myths now Andante
Women's sweat is indispensable for the three companies Masanari Asama
Sanjamatsuri shrine festival seven hundred years without severity LOVE 73
Gal watching the mikoshi admired "Maji swastika" PON 5
Rough handsome mikoshi Wakeishi Swallow
The thick-makeup wife becomes a gaga of the three companies Takao Asama
Greed comes out and the next grandchild and Sanjamatsuri Bad luck


Honorable mention / 100 points ago

Posted in the precincts

Squirrel Pen name
Delivering to Shan Shan Tone drum sounds of the three companies Hurriedly
Shan Shan and all three companies became the flowers of Edo Perception
In the dream that became the new era "three companies" OK
Sanjamatsuri Hana and behind-the-scenes dual wield kensona
Clothing is from law court than Armani Mumumu
From the father to the grandchildren from the child to the three companies blood rookie
Sanjamatsuri that AI also becomes Edo child A late cat ☆
This is the last Sanjamatsuri of Heisei Misako Tomino
Sanjamatsuri that no one should care about the title Tea village
Sanjamatsuri where Daddy returns to children Natsumi kan
This love started from the Sanjamatsuri Shimane no Ippon
Sanjamatsuri people bring in life Sentence
Sanjamatsuri neither hiding nor tampering Daifuku Laughter
Sanjamatsuri whose history is more than fake Flowers
Edo pattern that connects scoop with three net Father Father
The emperor's season will come to light in the three companies of the coming year Sanzo
The gods of the three shrine mikoshi also dance Okao-chan
Sanjamatsuri festival Festival with no fake and no wall At last
Sanjamatsuri Returning grandchildren with a man's face Paparazzi
Sanjamatsuri everyone is smart Inverted bullet
Stop clamoring and stop exposing bottle Raku chan
Sanjamatsuri shrine kids Mikoshi connects tomorrow Picotan
Sanjamatsuri holding downtown Tenuki's father
Sanjamatsuri Already read through Keiko
My dog ​​also is the leading character in the zodiac sign Sanjamatsuri Inabauer's white rabbit
Sanjamatsuri shrines festival and others are grandchild's compliments Masato Komatsu
Sanjamatsuri life-size Edo emotion Tomato
Three big companies come with summer Ake Tan
Three companies heading with courage behind the alley Sakai special mention
Impatient wife Apprentice Binzazara Grandpa Z!
We wear tomorrow at three companies looking at TOKYO Mercy I
Sanjamatsuri God is waiting Yubiori Ayuka
Three companies' energy than nuclear power Luke
Speaking of Asakusa "Sorry" Sanjamatsuri Ushon
Sanjamatsuri that is neither virtual nor fake And giraffe
Sanjamatsuri Edo Tokyo Dual Swords Akiki
Three principal minds and a wooden gate Matteboshi
Sanjamatsuri that will not change in the changing era Shunichi Inaka
Sanjamatsuri Heisei engraves legend Ichitaro
Sanjamatsuri no intention or nucleus Mizunanashi
The grandchild's passing shrunk over the construction paper Kuroshio
Three pillars of stone monuments are also new "Three Shrines” Isao Miyashita
Young men of Jodai covered with a divine room Ichibe
Sanjamatsuri Showtime of culture of Edo Small diameter
The Edo shrine rampant with people's shoulder All year secretary
The festival whistle attracting the blue sky Riku Ogiwara
Sanjamatsuri from the universe Hawkins Pink cactus
In addition, Sanjamatsuri on Thursday of the whole government this year Hit
The crest of the three fingers newly let through the wind Oda Toshimitsu
Sanjamatsuri shrine festival as well as pray for prayers Kazuhiro Obata
There are also hundreds of hundreds of three Sanjamatsuri Awa Tenbo
The grandson who comes to the shrine is coming Sanjamatsuri Michiko Nagai
Sanjamatsuri to make travelers Edokko Ruon Tei
Sanjamatsuri that Edo appears in Asakusa Work
Sanjamatsuri large sand dust of the number of mikoshi Minoru Takeshi
Both grandchild and grandparents also have Sanjamatsuri Myanmar
Town changing steady heart Sanjamatsuri Masaka
Three serious companies interesting and school girls Mariko
Welcome everyone Edoguchi Sanjamatsuri Kaji
The stick which the successive sweat is impregnated Kanue Sekine
Sanjamatsuri storey festival where tradition falls on shoulders Brown song drum / shabby
Oedo revives Sanjamatsuri Tomopapa
A bottle like leaving the picture scroll Kyun
Sanjamatsuri that both inst King Kongo
Sanjamatsuri lies and perjury are not refundable Three Steps
Focus on a thousand years and put on a half grandson Techno Bo
Sanjamatsuri Maiko
Three companies that make a mean worse for sake brewing Middle-aged and blistery
Cool japanese blue eyes and Sanjamatsuri scarecrow
Cumbersome Sanjamatsuri and after the Ri Mary
Bashabasha and Sumaho Forestry Sanjamatsuri Snow
Shirasagi flying down to the Sanjamatsuri The pearl of the ocean
Everyone Major Leading smile Sodorie Sanjamatsuri Yuzu Matsutani
I will take money with my shogun Kaoru Seimitsu
Dreaming of a flower stick Dreams of three companies hair summer hair Yuuyuu
Business trip Sanjamatsuri go according to the Ri Ruku chan
Sanjamatsuri leaving AI to work Tidenzynya
Sanjamatsuri that knows that it was born in a good town Xiang Road
Shakuyaku and Yuri age group Haruru
Three firms incorporating softly into genes Kokko
A sunny day in a leaf's heart Mikoshi Satsuki
Sumaho close vermillion drawing drawing Sanjamatsuri Carp
Magma of the Holy Spirit Festival awakens McCarthy
Sanjamatsuri Olympic Games Flower Man
Sanjamatsuri calling for the liveliness of Edo-front Yutaka Oe
Share joy at Sanjamatsuri Child of the summer
The spirit of the Edo Mikoshi Olympics country Riku Nakazawa
No need for Sanjamatsuri Black bean berry
Daiji's battlefield that took a flower stick Shizuku Tei
Just watching the Sanjamatsuri is not a dame woman Rinca
The trend is a three-character two-character hashtag Masashi
Sanjamatsuri feels on the stylish skin of Edo At home air
Two shrines flowing when you see the shrine also Shionen
Seven hundred years like! The following Sanjamatsuri Bean Daifuku
Sanjamatsuri in hobby and special skill of resume Pace
I am in the three company picture scroll again this year Akumi
Sanjamatsuri at Yokkyo once a year Japanese wheelbarrow
The ritual who wants to listen to Washoi Haruta
The premium of Edo kids' Edo children Taru Mama
Islam and Christ Sanjamatsuri Aki-Ougi


Special Prize / Junior Division

Original memento / posted in precincts

Squirrel Pen name
Mama who removes the cat who wears in Sanja Kisa-chan
Kamikiden swinging with enthusiasm Yokomizo Takaya
Transparent to treasure treasure Sanjamatsuri Mao Yokomizo
Three mothers who will also become yukata beauties Hayato Asama

Thank you for your entry. We are waiting for your application again.

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