The Heisei period will soon be slightly over, and a new generation will be welcomed.

At Asakusa Shrine, it is special from April 27 (Saturday) to May 6 (Monday)Goshuin Will be distributed.

April 27 (Saturday)-30 (Tuesday), silver colored paper "Heisei", May 1 (Wed)-6 (Monday), the golden paper is "Reiwa" and the company name is purified. , Goshuin I will seal.
※ The image is an image. The material and color of paper are different from the actual one.

※ ※ Please note ※ ↓
There is a limit to the number to be distributed every one day.
Please note in advance.
2 double-page 2 page size Goshuin It will be.
3 I will paste this, Goshuin Please be sure to bring a book. We do not distribute using paper only.

Reception hours: 9 am to 4:30 pm
※ We can not accept the reception outside the hours.
Reception place: Asakusa Shinto shrine temporary seal seal place
First ear fee: 1000 yen per body

We look forward to your visit.

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