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Recruitment end

Updated 2017.05.15


Sanjamatsuri Photo Contest

The Sanjamatsuri Photo Contest in Reiwa 2 will be canceled.
*The photo shows the Sanjamatsuri Grand Prize work last year.

Fiscal year 20 Sanjamatsuri Photo contest results

Application Requirements

Application period From May 20 (Mon) to May 31 (Fri)
Recruitment conditions ・ Asakusa Shrine example festival in the year of fiscal 2001 Sanjamatsuri"A photograph taken of the scenery of" (May 22, 19th).
-The size is quartered (wide) or A4 (color or monochrome does not matter). Up to 3 points per person.
-Print application for single photos (combined photo and composite photo not allowed). Silver salt photographic prints are preferred.
・ The award winning work is obligated to provide either film or digital data, and will not be returned.
・ The copyright of the prize-winning work belongs to the organizer.
・ It is limited to unpublished works.
-For works whose subject is the subject of a person, please apply after obtaining the consent of the person (subject).
・ Be careful not to disturb the progress of the festival when taking pictures, and follow the instructions of the concerned parties.
・ The prize-winning works are "Asakusa Shrine Calendar" (scheduled to be distributed in December) and ""Sanjamatsuri It may be used for "official reading".
Application method Fill in the required items on the application form, paste it on the back of the entry with a tape (no paste), mail or carry to the Asakusa Shrine office (from May 20 to 9:00 to 16:30 on reception) Please give me.
Download application form here
Each prize [1]Sanjamatsuri Grand Prize One point 30,000 yen / Posted in the grounds
[2] Ichinomiya Prize One point gold ¥ 10,000 / Posted in the grounds
[3] Ninomiya Prize One point gold ¥ 10,000 / Posted in the grounds
[4] Sannomiya Prize One point gold ¥ 10,000 / Posted in the grounds
[5] A few works of original work
Examination We will review by sponsorship.
Winning announcement ・ The winners will be notified directly after the screening. (Planned in mid-June of the year)
・ Reacted on July Asakusa Shrine website
・ Writing works posted at the special corner in the ground during the “Natsuma” period from 1 to 7 July
※ Postings may be posted in the precincts also for events after "Natsugumo".
Submission list · Entry work (up to 3 persons per person)
· Application table (pasted on the back of the work)
Sponsorship Asakusa Shrine
2-3-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo 111-0032
TEL: 03-3844-1575

Download application form

Downloading of application vote From here (PDF: 179KB)

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