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Notice of the 20th Asakusa Shrine Experience Learning Volunteer Recruitment

In Asakusa Shrine experience learning, we are recruiting volunteers from overseas students who will act together with elementary school children.

This year, in commemoration of the 20th anniversary, it is an event of 2 nights and 3 days.
We are planning to go to the Chiba City Boys' Nature House and experience trawling at Kujukuri Beach.
You are welcome to stay only on the first day, but on the second or third day, you will go to the "Chiba City Boys' Nature House", so it is limited to those who can stay.
If you like children, or if you have photography and video production skills, why not spend time with them?

Please feel free to contact us.

We will issue a volunteer certificate to those who wish.

※ We will hold a briefing session in advance, so beginners can participate with confidence.

Volunteer Application Guidelines

Deadline August 24 (Thu), 25 (Fri), 26 (Sat), Reiwa 5 years ago 3 days 2 nights
Target age University students - 29 years old
Venue Asakusa Shrine
Job Description Leading and guiding children
Video Recording and Video Creation Assistant
* Those who can shoot and create videos are welcome!
Venue Asakusa Shrine
Chiba City Boys' Nature House
Kujukuri Beach, etc.
Briefing Aug. 13 (Sun) 2 p.m.
August 19 (Sat) 2 p.m.
* Participation on any one day is acceptable.
If you are unable to participate, we will hold a separate briefing session, so please contact us for the schedule.
Application method Apply by phone, e-mail or visit the company
Contact Us Person in charge: Kimura

*The schedule is subject to change.

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