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2022.09.24 更新


Announcement for recruiting children for rice harvesting

Let's harvest the rice of Kanda in the premises of Asakusa Shrine!

Within the precincts of Asakusa Shrine, the rice planted in May was innocent by the power of the sun, wind and water.
In order to offer this rice to God, we will recruit children who will participate in rice harvesting.
If you wish, please apply to the Asakusa Shrine office.

Announcement for recruiting children for rice harvesting

Deadline Saturday, October 15, Reiwa
time 13:00〜1時間程度
Entry fee free
Venue Asakusa Shrine Shonai Kaneda
Target age More than kindergarten
* If you are a kindergarten child, please be accompanied by a guardian.
Number of people 20 people
Application period We will close it as soon as it becomes quorum.
Application method We will receive it at the Asakusa Shrine office.
Notes It will be an activity outside. Please be sure to wear a hat.
Please participate in clothes that may be dirty.
Please bring a sweat towel.
Please take measures against insect repellent. * Mosquitoes appear.

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