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Fukaya City Kanda Rice Ceremony Wanted Participants Wanted


Learn how rice, the staple food of Japanese people can do, so that you can nurture gratitude for food!

Fukaya City Kanda Rice Ceremony Wanted Participants Wanted

Deadline 令和5年10月7日(土)
time 集合・出発:8時 浅草神社社務所前
Venue Takahata field of Fukaya city, Saitama Prefecture
(It is a rice field which does not use pesticides as much as possible.)
Target age Elementary school student-high school student (parents can participate)
(Participating children's brothers and sisters kindergarten students can participate)
Recruitment personnel 15 people
Participation fee 2,000 yen
(Including lunch, bus, public bath and insurance)
Notes It will be activities outside 1 Please be sure to wear a hat and participate in clothes that are clean.
2 Please bring a towel to wipe sweat.
3 Please take measures against insects.
4 I will go to the public bath on the way home. Please change clothes and bring towels.
(There are soap and shampoo.)
Benefits We will distribute 1 kg of rice harvested per participant. (Posted at a later date)
Application method I will receive it at Asakusa Shrine.

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