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2023.12.15 更新


Writing Classroom

The first writing class will be held at Asakusa Shrine.

Since ancient times, New Year's Day has been the first day of work, and farmers have begun farming on this day, and have struck the fields and the gods of the mountains. In addition, merchants made their first shipments lively.

I first learned how to write a book after the New Year.
Nowadays, less brush brushes are used at school and in daily life, but as one of the New Year's events, I would like to leave the habit of taking a brush toward the buds with heart.

Asakusa Shrine will hold a first class on January 3rd for elementary school children.


New Year's Day! Writing Classroom

Date and time 令和6年1月3日(水)
place Asakusa Shrine Corporate Office 2F Conference Room
Target age Elementary school student
Entry fee free
Capacity 10 people (Closed on next occasion)
Belongings Set of calligraphy tools
* We will prepare half paper and ink.
Notes If you would like to do school homework, please let us know the size of the assignment letter and half paper.
Lecturer Riko Toshida (graduated from Daito Bunka University)

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