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2023.04.06 update


びんざさら舞教室 参加者募集

We will hold a Binzasara dance class dedicated to the Sanjamatsuri.
Anyone from children to adults can participate.
Why don't you dedicate a historic dance at Sanjamatsuri?
Let's be the bearers of inheriting traditional culture.

Application Requirements

place Asakusa Shrine Office
Taito-ku Asakusa 2-3-1
Practice day 1 time per month
time 6pm to 8pm
Monthly tax free
Object Kindergarten seniors and above

What is Binzasara Mai?

It is a dengaku dance dedicated to the Sanjamatsuri. It is registered as an intangible cultural property designated by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the national government.
"Binzasara" is a musical instrument made of about 100 pieces of wood bundled together with string, and the board and the board touch each other to produce sound.
The performers are dressed in flashy costumes, rubbing bottles, making various sounds while beating drums, and changing their formations to pray for good old age and the dispelment of evil spirits.

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