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2024.03.26 更新


Let's plant watermelon in "Sansha village"!

We will hold a farming experience at Asakusa Shrine "Sansha Village" in Tomisato City, Chiba Prefecture.

We will actually plant watermelons from Tomisato City. Would you like to appreciate the blessings of nature and experience the fun of touching the soil?


Let's plant watermelon in "Sansha village"!

Deadline 令和6年4月7日(日)
Set up and departure 午前9時浅草神社社務所
Dissolution Planned around 6 pm
place A field in Takamatsu, Tomisato City, Chiba Prefecture
Target age Elementary school student ~ high school student (guardian allowed)
※ You can also participate in siblings of participating students.
Number of people 20 people
Entry fee ¥ 2000
(Including lunch, bus, public bath and insurance)
Application period Deadline as soon as it becomes quorum
Application method Please contact Asakusa Shrine Office.
TEL 03-3844-1575
Notes 1 Please be sure to wear a hat.
2 Please participate in clothes that may be dirty (long-sleeved long pants).
3 Please bring a sweat towel.
④ Go to the public bath on your way home. Please bring clothes and towels.

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