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About Asakusa Honjo Show (March 18)

Sensoji temple

Emperor Suko 36 (AD 628) Early in the morning of March 18, brothers of Higashimi Hamasunari and Takezuna were fishing at Edo-uro (Miyado River downstream of the Sumida River), where a single Buddha statue And found that the doctor Makoto Takashi worshiped this to be the statue of the Holy Shinseikan Bodhisattva, and settled the statue on the stump of the tree of the Sophoro (Enji) in association with the followers.

"Asakusa temple honorific presentation meeting" is an event based on this "Sensoji temple age".

According to the same auspicion, "Akaze no Saiseo" was built overnight afterwards, and the statue was settled in the crowd by the hand of ten children, this is said to be the founding of Asakusa Temple, so "Asakusa Temple Honjo Show was held as an event to celebrate the birth of Asakusa Town.

Until the Edo period, it was held together with "Mikoshi" as an event together with "Sanjamatsuri", but since the Meiji Restoration, it was declared by the divine Buddhist separation order "Sanjamatsuri "will be held in May, and the original meaning of the" Asakusa Honjo Visualization Group "like the one above tended to be lost sight of. Even though we are supposed to be rooted in Asakusa, it is a long-standing concern that this "Asakusa Temple Emblem Visiting Society" will be more popular, and in 2000 Heisei "Sanjamatsuri It was carried out as aiming for further development of the Asakusa town by disseminating Asakusa's birth history widely both inside and outside by reproducing it as a part of the battle transit ".

2012. The Sanjamatsuri celebrates the year memorable of 700 years, was Toriokonai a grand this event by taking the town of Asakusa.

Head office shrine

As you are standing in, everyone is the soul of the Asakusa Shrine is Tageme Makoto Tomomi, Mr. Cypress Mihama and Mr. Hisaka Takezumi, their celebrant celebrates Kannon's revelation and faces Kannon at the Asakusadera main hall We would like to ask for your continued support so that the event of "Asakusa Honjo Show" will be successfully executed.


浅草神社(宮司:土師幸士)と浅草神社奉賛会(会長:宮本卯之助)と一般社団法人 浅草観光連盟(会長:冨士滋美)は、慶讃:浅草寺本尊御示現 浅草神社宮神輿「堂上げ・堂下げ」の開催について熟慮の結果、新型コロナウイルスの感染拡大を防ぐ目的から縮小して317日、18日に執り行います。




午後4時 神霊入れの儀斎行

午後4時40分 三社権現神霊移御

午後5時 浅草寺一山式衆読経


午前9時 浅草神社宮司祝詞奏上

午前9時05分 浅草寺一山式衆読経

午前9時10分 三社権現神霊移御

午後5時 神霊返しの儀斎行

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As seen from Asakusa Monk and others' sutra and Asakusa Shrine praising the Asakusa Shrine, this event which simultaneously performs Buddhist works and Shinto is also rare in the country, and part of the Sanjamatsuri which was also called the Kannon Festival before the separation of the Buddha and Buddha It is also a prologue to the example festival in May.