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In Asakusa, there are many Shinto shrines called Shinto shrines where shrines are usually not resident.
At the occasion of the festivities and prayers, the Asakusa Shrine's Shinto shrine visits the shrine and performs the sacred matters.
Every single shrine has a history, and it is protected by the townspeople as a place of prayer.
Why don't you try to discover the new charm of Asakusa, with the Edo spirit remaining and taking a walk through the lively Asakusa town while touching the atmosphere of each Shinto shrine that is quiet there?

~ Information for visiting a concurrent company ~
Asakusa Shrine concurrently serves eight shrines.
It is an unmanned shrine except for the day of the festival and the day of the festival. You can worship, but please be aware of the opening time as there are shrines with closed gates at night.

Please contact Asakusa Shrine if you have any inquiries regarding concurrent company. Asakusa Shrine 03 (3844) 1575