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March 3 Doll's Festival special Goshuin

Special Goshuin will be distributed along with Kami's festival on March 3rd (Tuesday).I will.
Transform your company name on your Goshuin book, seal it, and translucent itI will put the paper.
Please note that GoshuinPlease bring it with you.

First ear fee: 500 yen
If you receive Goshuin, make sure that the staffFollow the instructions.
In unforeseen circumstances, distribution of Goshuin may be canceledYou. Please note.

For those who visited on March 3rd, Goshuin of the Doll's FestivalTo be aware of important seasonal milestonesI hope it will be one of the starting points.

Goshuin is open from 9am to 4:30 pm.

It is also possible to line up before the reception start timeHowever, those who line up wear a mask and encourage cough etiquettePlease take care of the people around you.
Also, if you have a cold symptom,Don't make sense.
We look forward to your understanding and cooperation.

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