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Updated 2018.07.19

Heisei diary in Heisei 30 years

October 21

Today it's rice reaping.

Many children gathered.
Before harvesting, we will do a harvest festival. I thank God for fruitfulness and I pray for harvesting safely without hurting.


Cut the harvested rice and spread it on a stick.

After rice harvesting is digging potatoes. We dig myself all the sweet potatoes planted together during rice planting.


Finally we took a memorial photo! Thank you for your hard work.

Rice harvested today will be served by participating children as a seven-rice yuzu at the Hyakunin Kadaru Karuta tournament to be held in New Year, after being given to the priest at the New Festival on 23rd November.

September 24

Rice pan has become brown.


Sweet potato is fine as well.

August 31

Rice panicles have drooped.

It is proof that rice is being formed inside. I have to decide the schedule for harvesting.

August 22

Hot day continues. Rice plants with water again are very energetic.


Can you understand that ears are appearing? White flowers are blooming.

Sweet potatoes are wilting with leaves due to the heat. I should not water too much, but I gave him water.

August 2

A typhoon came, but seedlings are fine without major damage.
I have drained it though it is getting late.

Sweet potato leaves are also thick.

July 24

Tillers advanced, the root of the seedlings became considerably thick. The heat wave is going on, but it is very energetic.


Sweet potato is also thick.

June 22

A month after rice planting, the seedlings grew quite large.


I hope to successfully harvest.

May 28 rice planting & mushrooms rice field workshop

【rice planting】

It was a fine day and it was a hot day. Rice planting begins with a drink server to counter heatstroke.

Fifteen children gathered.
First of all, the rice planting announcement festival. I will give God a rice-planting proposal and pray for a safe harvest. I asked the representative 's children to visit Tamakusa.

Next, how to plant rice.
Place seedlings with seedlings holding hands in straight soil to fill up the wrist.
Everyone thought that they would hate their hands becoming dirty, but they planted them very happily.


I can hardly see seedlings, but they are planted properly.

I planted sweet potato every year as usual.

I hope you can harvest safely.

【Making Rice paddy field】

Following this, a workshop for making rice paddy began.

This is a rice field fat. Rice seedlings grow on moss balls. Once it grows, it seems to be able to harvest properly.

This is Kake rice field production kit.
Dam the soil contained in it and make dumpling dumplings.

I plant seedlings at the top of mud dumplings. I use surplus seedlings in rice planting.

Cover mud dumplings made with moss and string them.

I turned my eyes. I think that I have seen it in the Ghibli movies.

Finally it is completed by letting water suck it firmly. It looks like I'm taking a bath somehow, is not it cute?

It is a commemorative photo with a completed mackerel.

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