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Updated 2007.07.26

Rice production diary

October 20

Rice harvesting was carried out in cloudy weather.


Many children participated. Since we use a sickle, we will learn how to harvest rice first.
Be careful not to get hurt.


Next is digging. The last camellia is Janken.




October 16

Due to a large typhoon, the fence surrounding the rice was knocked down, and the situation was a bit disastrous.

Sparrows are delighted to eat rice because the fence is gone.
Whether the rice harvesting remains.

August 26

My ears came! !

Sweet potatoes are fine!

August 11 Scarecrow making class

A scarecrow making class is held today. I pray for a good harvest and make a scarecrow and put it in the rice field.

If you make a scarecrow, I will report to God.

Finally, a scarecrow will be installed in the rice field. I hope you get a lot of rice

August 3

The rainy season is over and I'm growing well under the sunlight. In order to help the rice grow, we stopped watering for about 5 days. It seems that the roots of rice grow in search of water and have the effect of incorporating oxygen into the soil. As a result, the ground is cracked. I will add water from today.

July 24

Finally the rainy season is over. I was wondering what would happen if there was a lack of sunlight, but I was growing up somehow. It was late, but will drain water from now on. I need to rescue the medaka. I accidentally discarded the photo from early July.

June 5

Although it is not shown in the photograph, I release the medaka as a countermeasure against Bohula. Although it is still a weak seedling, I hope you can grow safely.

May 26th Rice planting & Mok rice field workshop

【rice planting】

It was a fine day and it was a hot day. Rice planting begins with a drink server to counter heatstroke.


Many children gathered.
First of all, rice planting service. We will give gods rice planting deeds and pray for a safe harvest. We had the children of the representative volunteer the onan.

Next, the god lord explained how to plant rice.
Put the seedling hand straight into the soil and plant the seedling so that the hand with the seedling is buried to the wrist.
Everyone is working hard regardless of whether their hands get dirty.


I can hardly see seedlings, but they are planted properly.

We also planted a sweet potato every year. First we will make a weir and plant the sweet potato seedlings on it.

This year's interview with Jcom came in.

【Making Rice paddy field】

Following this, a workshop for making rice paddy began.

This is a rice field fat. Rice seedlings grow on moss balls. Once it grows, it seems to be able to harvest properly.

It is a rice field production kit.
Moisten the soil inside, make mud dumplings, and plant seedlings on the top. We use surplus seedlings by planting rice. And paste the chopsticks around.

It is completed with eyes on.

Finally it is completed by letting water suck it firmly. It looks like I'm taking a bath somehow, is not it cute?

It is a commemorative photo with a completed mackerel.

After the rice planting was over, the staff put on a fence.

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