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2020.05.17 Update

Two-year Reiwa rice diary



August 22

Rice ears are hanging down. It is proof that rice has been made inside. Sweet potatoes are also fine. I feel that the sweet potato leaves of this year are bigger than ever.

August 10

It was a few days after I put in the water, but before I knew it, rice ears were emerging. It was early. I put a net on so that sparrows can't eat it.

August 2

Finally, the rainy season was over, so I drained water. The rainy season was long this year. You can see that the soil is cracked. Now let's add water. The leaves of the sweet potato are also in good health.


July 8

The seedlings planted in May have grown well and tillering has started. The seedlings grew thick and big. Sweet potatoes also have large vines and large leaves. I have to drain water soon, but the rainy season will not end.


June 8

One month after planting rice, the rice is growing well.

May 31

The rice planted on May 4th has grown. I made a fence and surrounded it with a net so that it would not be damaged by birds and cats.

It's still small, but I hope it grows bigger.

May 4

【rice planting】

Rice planting will be done earlier than usual. Preparing soil and rice fields.

Due to the effects of the coronavirus, rice planting by collecting children was postponed, and only the staff and related people planted rice.
It was a rice planting festival for staff only. It is a festival that protects the social distance by the staff alone. Lonely

The staff will plant rice in the bank instead.

I also planted sweet potatoes.
Rice harvesting is scheduled for early October. By that time, I think it would be nice to have a social situation in which children would gather.

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