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Updated 2012.10.30

Heisei 24-year rice cultivation diary

October 14 rice reaping

Today we are harvesting rice that has been safely grown. For this day, I drained the water and removed the surrounding enclosure.
Somehow the clouds have become suspicious, so I have a tent set up for the rain.

About 30 children gathered for harvesting rice. There are about 60 rice plants, so it would be about 1 harvest 2 people. (Mon Han?)

Before harvesting rice, it is a rice harvesting report festival. It is a ritual to thank God that rice is ineffective and rice harvesting can be done. I will ask you about the rice and the mochi and the children.

Before harvesting rice, explain how to harvest rice. As we use a knife, we warn you not to get injured.

Finally it is rice harvesting. As we use cutlery (鎌), small children do with adults. The kids, or maybe adults doing together, are surprised. I helped too, but it was cold and cold to keep my children injured. was scary.

It began to rain this morning.

Arrange the harvested rice. It looks like you can harvest a lot, but the rice you can harvest from this is only about one palm. When asked the farmer, it is said that about 30 to 50 kg of rice can be harvested in the same area of rice fields. Truly professional.

The rice fields are completely naked. After this, remove the roots and dry the soil, and mix and store the fertilizer for next year.

Next is the potato digging of sweet potato planted in addition.

It is a photograph that everyone is digging.
There are too many children in the field and I can not see anything. I do not know what it is like.

Some had large sweet potatoes, some had only small sweet potatoes, and some had none.
There was also a story that next year we will increase the field a little more, but this is the main source of rice fields.

Finally, I got souvenir sweets and finished. Thank you for your hard work.

Anything is fine, on this day, only while harvesting! It rained. As soon as the rice reaches the rain, the rain stops .... why

September 10

The dripping ear has turned a little brown.

We will harvest rice in early October. As we drain the water in late September and dry the soil, we must catch the killifish soon.

< bonus >
Sweet potato should probably be able to dig in the field of rice harvesting. I am looking forward to it.

September 5

The ear was dripping before long. Rice is being made in the middle.

< bonus >
Sweet potato is also thick. I cut the ivy several times so that the leaves don't get too nutty, but it is still thick.

Making a scarecrow on August 19

Scarecrow making today. Almost 20 children gathered.

First I will explain how to make a Scarecrow.

Cut the cloth, make a Scarecrow clothes, write a wish and a name. Stick it on a body made of chopsticks and attach your head with a bond.

I also make a big Scarecrow. This was made by an adult, but he also helped a child who made his own scare.

We will have a chance to make inquiries at the company. Of course also a big Scarecrow. I pray to God that the rice can be harvested safely.

I will send the craftsmanship of the children to Okanda in the precinct.

May the Scarecrow safely protect the rice. Large scarps are generally unpopular with scared faces.

Finally I finished eating ice under the shade.

Thank you everyone.

I was absorbed in the Scarecrow and forgot to take pictures of rice. At the present time most of the rice has panicle.

August 9

A ear was given to the rice. The contents are not included yet, but it was made softly with a leaf broom. The picture above may be a bit hard to see.

Medaka also swims well.

A white flower blooms in the ear.

We are doing well this year. Or maybe better than the average year.

< bonus >
A sweet potato with an unlimited growth of cranes again. You need to cut the extra vines as the vines get nourished and the potatoes do not grow.

July 15

Today, I drained the water I had stored. By doing this, it is likely that rice roots will grow in search of water, and air will enter from cracked soil. The god of the dead Medaka was captured in the scorching sun. It looked like the number increased.

After about 5 days, add water again. Until then, the medaka has been evacuated to another place.

< bonus >
The sweet potato has grown very thick. I planted the grown vines on the soil and cut off the extra vines.

July 5

That weakness is growing like a lie. The green color is also dark and strong.

Only the seedlings in front of this planter are dying. It is thought that it is a seedling brought up at Asakusa Shrine.

I think it is better to grow than the average year. I'm looking forward to it.

< bonus >
The sweet potato has grown a little bit more. When I grow up a little more, I plant the grown vines in the soil.

June 22

My back has grown a little, but I still feel weak.

June 3

My back grew a bit, is it okay? I'm anxious to see it.

I fired the medaka and made a signboard.

Sweet potato has not grown so much either.

May 27 rice planting

It is a seed bowl harvested last year at Asakusa Shrine. Add 2-3 days to water, and when the sprout comes out, plant it on the nursery.
I challenged every year and failed, but this year is safe? I grew up.

This is the Asakusa Shrine, which is the seedling that was raised from the seed pot. After all it is a little weak.

As a precaution, the farmers also divided the seedlings. It is a lot more lively than the seedlings raised at Asakusa Shrine.

Many children gathered for the day.

This is Kanda who does rice planting. The scale was larger than last year, and all planters were turned into plastic plants.

It is a rice planting report festival. Seek seedlings and children, and pray to the god of Asakusa Shrine for the safe growth of rice.

It is an explanation of how to plant seedlings. According to the mark, plant it deep so that the wrist with a seedling is buried.

We will mix and plant seedlings from the Asakusa Shrine and seedlings from the farmhouse. The reason is that only Asakusa Shrine seedlings are not confident.

We will plant the seedlings passed by the children. As there were many people this year, only two or three plants were planted per person.

It is very difficult to see, but it is Kanda where the seedlings were planted. I hope you will grow safely.

We also plant sweet potato seedlings.

I tried four plants this year.
If you grow well, you can dig at the time of rice harvesting.

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