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2008.10.30 Update

Heisei diary in 2008

October 5 rice harvesting

It was raining in the forecast, so the weather was in danger, but fortunately it did not rain, but it was a rice harvesting in a cloudy sky.

This year's rice has grown a lot. The grain itself is large, and it is a rich harvest like no other year.

After the rice harvest report festival, it is time to harvest rice. Unfortunately, there were few children participating this year, but it was a lively rice harvesting with passing children on the way.

Because of the use of cutlery, adults are definitely attached to small children. I was able to finish the harvest without any injury.

I also mow the shrine maiden.

I tried arranging the harvested rice in Goza. In this way, it seems that a lot of crops have been harvested, but when the ears and leaves are sorted, the actual yield is very small. However, it is more than usual.

Since it seems to rain, the sorting of ears and leaves will be done at a later date. For the time being, I will put it together in a bundle.

After rice harvesting, digging was done. The sweet potato planted at the same time as the rice planting is harvested. The children dug up, but it was more exciting than rice harvesting.

Most of the sweet potatoes that were taken were small, but they seem to be eaten properly. We had children bring home one by one.
Next time I would like to challenge potatoes.

The scarecrow who watched over is also disassembled and goes to the warehouse. Thank you for your hard work.

September 24

The state of rice is strange. Apparently it seems to have been sick.
Do you see that the center of the screen is dark?

When I look into it, it seems that it is a disease called Inakoji disease. It seems that the locusts of fungus cover rice ears. The coping method is, “If you become a locust disease, you can only wait for ripening and then sort it at the time of sorting the hulls.”
What is climbing?
For the time being, I picked the ears that seem to have the locusts.

There are a lot of safe ears, but I just pray that they won't get infected.

A scarecrow was also installed. I hope you can harvest it safely.

September 11

In the ears that were straight, rice was made and my head drooped. I'm looking forward to it.

< bonus >
Sweet potatoes are growing. I can't touch my hands.

September 1

Although it is hard to see in the photo, a spike came out. Ears are coming out of rice in all planters.

The small white thing on the ear is the rice flower. The JA site says that it only blooms for about 2 hours during the day, but it is still in full bloom.

Some of them have rice and the ears are dripping.

I feel relieved when the ear comes out. It seems to be able to harvest safely this year, but after that we have to be careful about typhoons and natural disasters. There is no typhoon yet this year, so I don't like it if it gets bigger.

< bonus >
Cucumbers and tomatoes are over.

< bonus >
Sweet potatoes are flourishing now. The harvest is in the fall, but what timing should I use?

August 20

One of the eight planters had a spike. It was quite big before long. According to the website of JA, it seems that you have to do topdressing when the ear comes out, but nothing has been done so far.

The rest of the planters are still missing. I hope other planters will get the ears right.

This year, I was thinking of making kakashi, but I was very worried about whether rice could be made before that.

August 15

The rice itself is thick and I think it feels very good, but I don't feel like it is still growing. I'm already heading this time last year, but is this year late or failed? It's so hot that the water stays there, but I wonder if I should drain it again.

At the end of August, there is an event called Rice Nouveau, and there are professional rice-making professionals from Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture.

< bonus >
Tomato is a good harvest, but the grains are small.

< bonus >
This is sweet potato. The vine grew very much. This is what you get. Harvest is autumn.

August 4

It is thick and green. It's about time for the ears to come out, but it's not yet.

The stock has also become quite thick.

I drained water once, but now I'm collecting water again. Medaka is also fine, but it was annihilated.

< bonus >
Unfortunately, cucumbers grow only one by one. Others will wither. I do n’t think there ’s enough fertilizer.
I feel that the number of tomatoes has been slightly reduced. Someone is there.

July 1

Rice height is about 30-40cm. It seems to grow little by little.
As I received advice from the shrine maiden's comment, I feel like the water has become clean, probably because I put charcoal in the four corners. Medaka swims well. Probably there should be, but I couldn't find it in the mud.

The thickness of the stock is about 5 cm. I'm getting thicker. The tiller seems to have started.

< bonus >
Since cucumbers are unusually flowered, I thought that they would break when all of them became fruit, but there are male and female cucumber flowers, so it seems that only about half this actually bears fruit is. By the way, this information comes from the grandmother of the lord, so please don't trust it too much. He seems to grow cucumbers even if he is relieved.

A lot of tomatoes have fruit. Is this all right for you, even though it's a cherry tomato?

June 23

Rice height is still around 20cm as usual. Looking at last year's diary, it is already 40-50cm at the same time, but this year it seems to grow slowly. Since the water was changed, the smell was subsided. Medaka and Dojo are almost completely destroyed, so we added a second team.

It's about the beginning of tillering when the stock splits and thickens, but it's still thin. It is about 2 to 3 cm thick.

I think sunshine hours are shorter than usual. I hope you can grow up safely.

< bonus >
A small cucumber has grown. The number of tomatoes is also increasing. A farmer who is passing by teaches how to grow tomatoes, and this is more fun than rice farming.

June 16

The seedling height is about 15-20 cm. There is not much growth.
Although it is hard to understand in the picture, the water is cloudy and green algae are generated. It is unfortunate that the smell cannot be expressed on the screen because gas is occasionally ejected.

If you look at the diary last year, the water is still cloudy. Since it is an annual event, I will watch the situation as it is.

< bonus >
The tomatoes were fruiting at once. Is this tomato the most smooth so far?

June 10

The height of the seedling is about 15-18 cm. The medaka was released as usual, but I forgot to take a picture. Since it seems that several animals have already become fertilizers, we will add them again.

I set up a signboard. In this case, it seems correct to read “Jinden”. I did not know. I always thought it was “Shinden”. The priest who wrote the sign says, "If you don't have a furigana, you'll read" Kanda "." Of course.

I hope you will grow safely.

< bonus >
This year's vegetables are tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweet potatoes. Once the vegetables are harvested, they will be eaten by the children through summer experiential learning.

June 1 rice planting

Rice planting was carried out while it rained until yesterday, and the clear sky after a long absence. First is the rice planting report festival. I will pray to God so that the seedlings will be planted and harvested safely.

A planter to plant seedlings. The number of planters has decreased from last year. Is it more about quality than quantity?

First of all, you will be given instructions on how to plant seedlings. Hold the root of the seedling like holding a pencil, and in the case of a child, plant the seedling deep enough to enter the soil to the wrist.

I hand the string with the mark and plant the seedling straight to the mark. The cold soil seemed pleasant and everyone seems to have fun. The number of children was small, but I was happy to plant so many seedlings.

Adults also participate

Group photo with only children. We will post an announcement early so that more people can participate next year.

When rice planting was over, I made a fence.

I ’m Kanda, so I ’m going around the long line.

Finally, a net for cats is attached. I hope you can harvest a lot.

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