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2023.10.02 更新

Reiwa 5th year rice diary








August 27

The panicles began to hang down. This is proof that rice is ready. It's time to put up a bird net.

August 16

The ears have come out safely! Sweet potatoes are also fine.

August 13

Today is a scarecrow-making class. We made a small scarecrow to protect the rice from birds and other animals.

The scarecrow you made will be exorcised at the shrine hall. I pray to God that the rice will grow safely.

I will stick a prayer scarecrow into Kanda.

I also made a big scarecrow. It was the participating children who drew the faces.
May the rice be harvested safely.

July 22

The rice that I could not rely on has grown so large that it exceeds the height of the child. Each share is also getting fatter.

The sweet potato looks a little withered, but this seems to be fine.

July 7

Although the hot days continue, the rice is healthy. It's gotten a lot bigger. I'm scratching my head with weeds.

June 17

About two weeks after rice planting. Grew a little and became larger. But it's still a long way off. Sweet potatoes are more energetic.

May 28 Rice planting

The time for rice planting has finally arrived this year. Many children participated.

First of all, there is the rice planting ceremony. I offer my commitment to God to plant rice and pray for its safe fruit.
Next, you will receive an explanation of how to plant. Everyone listened seriously.

Next, we will plant rice seedlings according to the marking. They were not intimidated by the feel of the mud and planted it hard.

Next, plant sweet potato seedlings.
A specialist came again this year. One by one, I was able to plant sweet potato seedlings.


May you harvest safely.

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