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Reiwa 5 Sanjamatsuri Kawayanagi Selection Results

Reiwa 5 years Sanjamatsuri when we recruited Kawayanagi, we received many applications.
Thank you very much for your submissions. The results of each award will be announced.

Sanjamatsuri Grand Prize / 1 point

30,000 yen / Posted in the precincts

Ichinomiya Prize / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct

Ninomiya Award / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct

Sannomiya Prize / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct

Excellence Award / 10 points

Original memento / posted in precincts

Squirrel Masa issue (pen name)
Three Days of Summit and Peace Mako-chan
Three companies promoting AI and GPT Spring mosquito autumn-winter
Shohei and the three SHOWTIME rear admiral
I want to deliver peace with a mikoshi rather than a tank Haruru
Three company lights that will not be extinguished no matter how many waves come Akiki
SanjamatsuriReiwa Five years to go see each other Yoko Shinya
Unmasked voices to the sky Sanjamatsuri Tomoko Inaba
At the end of the smartphone that stretches out Sanjamatsuri Yoshiaki Tsuda
If you squeeze Asakusa tightly Sanjamatsuri Kaoru Kaze
Mikoshi Watari around Komagata Shuichi Ishii

Honorable mention / 100 points ago

Posted in the precincts

Squirrel Masa issue (pen name)
Summer Mikoshi in the sky leading to Ukraine Hiro P
More than a roll-up vaccine Sanjamatsuri Kagamine
God who weaves the blood of the Sanjamatsuri people Chikashi Taue
Self-restraint is now the blood of three companies rookie
Thank you for the peace you can Sanjamatsuri Picotan
The good fortune of being able to have three companies in a Japan without war Asuka
Fengshen skipped the corona Sanjamatsuri Swallow
Sanshagu Mikoshi who was quiet Chow-ping
Demasking Kannon also takes a deep breath Nobuko Sawada
Three companies defeat the depression of the corona disaster Matsuda Shōnagon
Blow away the corona of Class Sanjamatsuri 5 Chunko Sparrow
Mask removal can play smile Sanjamatsuri Shokodo
The dawn of the Sanjamatsuri of polar trees Kiku-chan
Three shrine street rain that wets Edo children Guzo
There are three companies, and a smile that blooms just by itself Saigawa WWW
Sanjamatsuri is also full of the power to live Yan-chan
Fold the Sanjamatsuri lantern Kijin
Lifting rampage mikoshi and large mug Yamamune Unsui
Mikoshi watari full of majesty in Asakusa Yasuda Kyu beef
Where does the wind blow the price increase Sanjamatsuri Shigechi!
The next year when the clapper tree entered the palace Shiokoji 6-chome
Great mikoshi with tears of joy to see you again Spring
Brilliant through the tunnel Sanjamatsuri Mikio Iwanaka
Turn adversity into a spring Sanjamatsuri rhinoceros beetle
The Three Gods of Mikoshi Blossoming After a Long Time Miyato River
Both the economy and the mikoshi turn Sanjamatsuri Suzumaru
Asakusa voices return to their voices Sanjamatsuri Tōkyō
I've been waiting for you to wear a mask Sanjamatsuri Toshima Koga
Raise the smoke of resurrection Sanjamatsuri Toshitoshi Ohno
It's a good year, and the summer of the three companies is finally coming Toshihiko Matsumoto
Towards a future without war Sanjamatsuri Hemming Dance Clothes Way
Sanjamatsuri Now you don't need a mask anymore MS
Binzasara of the Peace Three Shrines at the Summit Hinata-woda
May sky Sanjamatsuri Mai-chan
A beautiful woman full of scooping nets Sanjamatsuri Tsutsukuko
I saw a panda and tomorrow Sanjamatsuri Shanshan
Old Edo map of the three shrines in memory of Onihei Saburo
Running through the wind Reiwa of Edo Sanjamatsuri Tsukino
White teeth look good on the three companies after all Tohri
Edo summer older than Sansha-sama Nara Takaji Hirota
Tora-san and both of them are there Sanjamatsuri Yosei Tsukinami
Forget about the high cost of Sanjamatsuri Natsu
The Aramikoshi of the three companies with high prices Gonta
Dancing in the air of the mikoshi of the three shrines Hoshixin
Crossing the border and returning to the three companies Nobuyuki Ushikubo
Marking a step forward in rebirth Sanjamatsuri Senshu
Sanjamatsuri Inbound tourism is also great Matsuo lol
Three companies that regain three years in three days Shiodome Cape
Has the Three Cs also become a dead language Sanjamatsuri COCO
Carry the feelings that have been carried over Sanjamatsuri Unlimited carbohydrates
Three years of love on a stone Alsapua
The phrase of resurrection blossoms Sanjamatsuri Mumumu
Carrying the mikoshi you dreamed of Sanjamatsuri Stray clouds
Peace with the Sanjamatsuri of Corona Huan-hsien
Peace to be delivered to the world from the three companies Memeko
Wondering what peace is Daisuke Yamano
Like the Nootbar is coming Sanjamatsuri Norio Nakashizu
Corona is reduced and the real face shines Sanjamatsuri Shokudo
Vaccines for people's minds Sanjamatsuri Saturday Rabbit
How can I go without hesitation Sanjamatsuri Sakurakomachi
Benefit from the G7 Sanjamatsuri Fumujin
The day I spoke out Sanjamatsuri Comet
Taihei to Putin Sanjamatsuri Gold Tsukasa
Pray for higher wages and peace Sanjamatsuri Akemi Sumiya
No more mikoshi to put on a truck Tianhe
Your name is Sanjamatsuri Take Off Your Mask Tokiko Oikawa
We have sustainable three-company love Bad luck
Grandson debuts red nose cord Sanjamatsuri Saburo
Take your mask and welcome home Sanjamatsuri Zhuangzi Lung
Sanjamatsuri Inbound Boost Aobano
I realized that there is no night without dawn Sanjamatsuri Moon Rabbit
The three companies of web good are even better Kazuo Kadowaki
Beyond war and corona Sanjamatsuri Pikachu
Even if there was that time, the three companies were unwavering. Ahama
After Corona with three companies Komayumi
Showing a non-corona world Sanjamatsuri Akatsuki Ito
Blow away from epidemic Sanjamatsuri Yu Imawaka
The Sanjamatsuri YouTuber is also on the sunny stage Mioyanagi
Whether you come out or watch, Sanjamatsuri is dual-wielding Aiwai
Meet a new me Sanjamatsuri Keiko
Shoulder hump for the first time in three years Sanjamatsuri Now Yuyo
This is the year! Sanjamatsuri for the whole family Dai-chan
Overcome it and show your true strength Sanjamatsuri Taku Ito
Three mikoshi of a boat rowing to the human waves Katsumi Wada
God Relying Village God and Sansha Shiro
Waiting for three companies to tie up beans Teruko Suzuki
Three generations spinning unwaveringly by three companies Leader Kusai
Love wins and is a demon or a blessing Sanjamatsuri Masahiro Okihara
For the update for the two of you Sanjamatsuri Nachu-chan Kozakura
Cheers are also globalization Sanjamatsuri Fumer
On the stone where Sanjamatsuri waited and lived Mr. Katato
Looking at the mikoshi of the three shaking shrines with tears Baby
Sustainable Underlying Strength Sanjamatsuri Masayuki Inagawa
I have to be without a mask Sanjamatsuri Shimane no Ippon
I don't know, but for some reason I'm excited about these three companies Ushibo
Sanjamatsuri finally returned Yuuyuu
Miya-mikoshi carrying the thoughts of three years Nongtan
Tradition and mikoshi are heavy Sanjamatsuri stoop
May sunny for three years Sanjamatsuri spring breeze
Take off your mask and head there with a smile Sanjamatsuri Hiyashi soba

Special Prize / Junior Division

Original memento / posted in precincts

Squirrel Masa issue (pen name)
The elegance of a beautiful Sanjamatsuri Yasuki Minegishi
I wonder if it's three o'clock at Sensoji Temple Kana Sato
The three mikoshi that begin to move smoothly Kosuke Ando
It's been three years since Corona Sanjamatsuri Tomoki Yoshikawa
I want to have a fun festival this year. Mutsuki Hata
It's a festival that has been around for a long time. Ryu-chan

Thank you for your entry. We are waiting for your application again.

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