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Sanjamatsuri Heisei Yoshiyuki selection result

We recruited Sanjamatsuri Souryagi in 2008, there were a lot of entries.
Thank you for many applications. We will announce the result of each prize.

Sanjamatsuri Grand Prize / 1 point

Posted at 30,000 yen in the first generation Kawayu Medal / precinct
Sanjamatsuri opening again the door of Edo

Ichinomiya Prize / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct
Shrine Mikoshi light from the Ferris wheel of Asakusa

Ninomiya Award / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct
Edokko's butt abruptly absent-minded shinko tsuruyo

Sannomiya Prize / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct
Sanjamatsuri Relatives come Shibu Okabe


Hidegi Award / 10 points

Original memento / posted in precincts

Squirrel Pen name
I got the blood of the three companies that came from Ubu Takao Nitta
Sanjamatsuri where grandchild's eyes become Edoguki Kozo Fujita
Three companies waiting for their shoulder by a public bath Success
The sound of the clapping trees is blowing from the river. Yanba Ban
Look at the old two people Sanjamatsuri far away Harada Daikichi
I return to the hammer and go through the three companies Beach grapes
My grandfather and my father and my Sanjamatsuri Ogura Toshie
Ship and Kamiya bar over medium tightening Tachibana Yuichi
In a hot pot that reclaims at once Yoshimi Ishida
Sanjamatsuri raises hearts of Asakusa Tadaaki Matsutani


Honorable mention / 100 points ago

Posted in the precincts

Squirrel Pen name
Sanjamatsuri In the middle of Edoguchi Yumiko Koga
Sanjamatsuri Kannon also friendly eyes Klaussan
Asakusa became one and Sanjamatsuri Harada Daikichi
Mikoshi hundreds sway in Asakusa Catmee
God of deity Someone knows unknown mikoshi gals Ito Yuki
Set as a stump and go to call Satoshi Yamamoto Keima
Leading woodworking saloon Sanjamatsuri Kisui
Leaving half indigo indigo leaves and shrine transit Hijiji
Sanjamatsuri where Edoko increases rapidly Kentaro Shimada
Big brother before the festival Inside the gates
Sanjamatsuri humanity echoes the five senses Yuzu Matsutani
Sanjamatsuri Tokyo will change to Edo Sakamoto Isami
Three whistle whistles that festivals are good Shigeo Yamada
Mai Shirasagi is also glamorous Sanjamatsuri Iron Man 56
Sanjamatsuri that gets energetic at Asakusa Curly
Sanjamatsuri Now rising Edo's flower Toshio Yamagata
To wear Yukata and navigate the music to Nakamise Haikouan
Paid salaries are used at Sanjamatsuri Sakai special mention
Sanjamatsuri going with my daughter who decided once Town cum
Bizarre like a cow walk slowly Kosugi
Asakusa's Wrestling First of all, I like festivals Thousand dreams
My daughter who started watching with my present wife Sanjamatsuri Ogawa Yoshihiro
Dad became a man Sanjamatsuri Junichi Kitamura
A young mother who cries a baby with a baby Ichikawa Ichiro
I want to carry that one's gim go through Daylight
Three biggest eyebrow men Success
Husband who always gets lost at three companies snowman
Sanjamatsuri hesitantly taking his hand Masahiko Abe
Sanjamatsuri took old mother with thinner make-up Masuo Takeyasu
When looking back, other three people 's three company Sanjamatsuri Mitsuo
Soul swing and weak chap Oshita
A net connecting city of the net of three hearts Yoshinobu Oda
I crown the bean paste for the first time after dyed cheeks Mako-chan
Festival love sleeping in court from the night before Ishiguro's work
Sanjamatsuri that my father's waist is also growing Haruka Kazuki
Sanjamatsuri favor to pass through also the third generation Masae Izumi
Three generations to invite the Sanjamatsuri Isao Ikeda
I ran into the Sanjamatsuri from the office. Yasuhiko Tamura
Well the three companies will endure brimming Kotori Kinoko
Following the rampage of a festival Mikoshi Ruby's finger ring
Sanjamatsuri lives life of soul sweeping Gossip's pupa
Nostalgia and rampage Mikoshi's Shinkinnomiya Shinichi Nojiri
Forget the three meals Edoguchi Sanjamatsuri Kinchan
Asakusa gets excited all round in Sayya Kishi Hiroshi
The shrine emerges from the shrine Yasuko Shimura
I just carelessly watch a cold-festival festival Festival man
Wasohoi was sucked into the sky of February Kunhisa Uno
Sanjamatsuri , but there is only three Yoshio Sato
Three companies are brought in Asakusa's summer Minori Miyauchi
Three company's days where Dad looks like Innaze Favorable sentence
Flowers are added to three companies of Geiko in Tomoaki Dawn
Hurry up for the music and go out with grandchild Misae Mase
It will be good with a good shrimp in two days Nakamura Mami
The Edo culture which lives with the three companies of Asakusa Kimi Ishida
I hope I can see next year Miya Nakayama
Shikisenguide with children bouncing over the shoulder Tokutaro Arai
Born in a land child and got a name by three companies Hoshioko
Yukata looks good at the festival Metabolic belly A scarecrow
Three companies asking the dignity of the clerk Yoda Yasuo
I listen to the music, I can not get cooking Isakai Yuko
Boasting with snake bone water Mikoshi of three companies 胼胝 Reputation
Sanjamatsuri overlapping love of burning day Scarletness
Sanjamatsuri this year Chusei Nishiuchi
The Sanjamatsuri where Edo blows to Asakusa Prince Hanasaka
God is also carried by girls Katsushiro Matsumoto
Sanjamatsuri Shikoku and shaking people wave Hiroshi Abe
In Asakusa I will also be the festival wind Hideo Tomiya
Sanjamatsuri where Asakusa becomes Asakusa Kiichi Niwa
Sanjamatsuri old company festival to forget Kenji Hirai
The blue eyes also become the color of the Sanjamatsuri Tadao Watanabe
The Sanjamatsuri invites poor fertility Tsuneyama Tsuno
Third generation that carries a child as a shield Kotetsu Itoh
Beginning of the leader row and Monkei Takahiko Kamiya Rainbush
When a festival gets rolled, it is a handsome man Iwa Taro
Shoulder carriage DNA of this child festival Tatchan
Sanjamatsuri that can become a leading figure until me Tadaaki Matsutani
Stylish saying such words will be resurrected Fumiko Kishino
Mikoshi idiots carrying all together in three generations Shigeo Kusigaya
The appearance of all countries get intoxicated by the winds of the three companies Fresh
This cheer that the three companies gave this year again Life
Asakusa likes festivals in every side street Shimotsu Husband
Flower with grandchildren on the way back from the festival proton
Sanjamatsuri where warm coins fall Wins
Sanjamatsuri Here is Japan's spirit Ukiyo bath
Sanjamatsuri that connects the hearts of Edo child A shrine
Sanjamatsuri home go hand in hand with my wife Pig baby
Mobile shopping mom to mobile phone waiting at home Four seasons
Sanjamatsuri couple quarrel also fought Shinichi Okabe
Hanging in a mikoshi by lazy parents Goto order
Clouds shine Sanjamatsuri if you drink water Katsura
Blow away the mist of Ukiyo with soul swing Akihiko Yamanaka
Go with Asakusa with a mikoshi Michio Kohara
I will leave my store number to my wife and chase a Mikoshi Kozo Okabe
Chi and intention Summer festival of the three companies of Edo Sawa Kazuya
Impatience is a bottle where Edokko is dancing Free
"Three Shrines” left over for the overnight Shojiro Hasegawa
Three companies the world is looking at on a personal computer Kanue Sekine
I wanted to see the stature of Edo child to Asakusa Asakusa fan
Discuss Asakusa at the Sanjamatsuri Emiko Fujii
Now the feeling of collapse after work festival Shikai


Special Prize / Junior Division

Original memento / posted in precincts

Squirrel Pen name
It's hot, but a mikoshi goat can not be stopped Tsutomu Yamazak
The big shrine that God's hands supported Watanabe Static
Sanjamatsuri Asakusa is one of the festivals Masaki Yano
Chocolate ball aiming at shooting fun of the day Yuta Komine
Proof of a man in a downtown Mikoshi Akihiro Takagi


Thank you for your entry. We are waiting for your application again.

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