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Sanjamatsuri Heisei 2010 selection result

We recruited Sanjamatsuri Heisei Yanagi in 2010, there were a lot of entries.
Thank you for many applications. We will announce the result of each prize.

Sanjamatsuri Grand Prize / 1 point

Posted at 30,000 yen in the first generation Kawayu Medal / precinct
Mikoshi Mikoshi who comes out of three-dimensional company Mikoshi

Ichinomiya Prize / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct
Sanjamatsuri I want to see quickly from the tree Asakusa Yoshi

Ninomiya Award / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct
The herbivory is Asakusa eating Sanjamatsuri Kosugetsuki

Sannomiya Prize / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct
Regardless of the administration Sanjamatsuri Asahina Rei


Hidegi Award / 10 points

Original memento / posted in precincts

Squirrel Pen name
Impatience is also an old formula silky Butterfly
Summer festival where the earth of Asakusa shakes Edo child of Mito
A shrine to shoot with a tower in the background Kimi Nakamura
Edo rises from three company's day map Shandong Cape
Celebration to stock up to three companies black cat
Watching it too Yoshi drunk again Yoshi Sanjamatsuri Fuuta
Sanjamatsuri Bottom-dakara of a sleeping town Takashi
Mikoshi is heavier than last year Crab cap
People call people and festivals of the three companies burning fire Kenji Kawanishi
Sanjamatsuri Hangover at the scent of Edo Ueda Ocean


Honorable mention / 100 points ago

Posted in the precincts

Squirrel Pen name
The Sanjamatsuri has also been handed over to otaku Yoko Matsunaga
Wet earrings shaking earrings swinging brown hair Hirafuki
May be hotter than summer in Asakusa Nami Yamashita
Sanjamatsuri where stretching out and trees peep Sasama Tokio
And I did not sort gigs and edges. Komushi-chan
Extensive sky tree is also a matter of concern Kiyoshiro
Sanjamatsuri to know humanity and father's back Toshiki Iwama
Sanjamatsuri The couple quarrels their fights Summer multi-sweat war
The blue eyes are also Tokyo sanja festival Semi-cold
Three companies that will bring Asakusa to the whole in season Middle-aged and blistery
Sanjamatsuri lady Honma Hazime
Three company's days that are proud of Edoguchi Tam chan
Gal mikoshi with no year pattern and blood stirs Sakae
Three companies telling the beginning of the summer's day Jimbo
The tower of the festival also waits for the head to stretch Naoki Ooyoka
When you are there, festivals and love rise Purple cloth
Sanjamatsuri that gets soaring like a first love Bad luck
Sanjamatsuri looking handsome at marriage Look
Sanjamatsuri propose before cold My girlfriend
Sanjamatsuri gets riddled and excited Mariari
After putting out a coat, I change clothes Sakai special mention
A mikoshi ride that knew the kanji of blasphemy Kotori Kinoko
Sanjamatsuri handed down memories of Edo Uncle Paul
Sanjamatsuri blowing down the depression of the depression Nephewa
Sanjamatsuri shrine festival welcoming no sentences Toshio Nakazawa
Sanjamatsuri puts the heartfelt heart turtleneck
Sanjamatsuri flying smile and sweat Masahiro Sato
Multiply the grandchild's job hunting for the oshiki Hideo Kobayashi
Sanjamatsuri Day when the rumbling of Edo roared Come here
Sanjamatsuri Kaminarimon is multinational Chiyo Endo
Sanjamatsuri with a dream in the wind from Edo Echigo 3 company male
Tempered sacks wrapped in blood Aji
Sanjamatsuri face excited with facial face Amateur Takahashi
Three companies are drunk at the festival and get intoxicated A dream follower
Let's be careful Otori Syari Sankyo Sheng Ming Xin Ka
Sanjamatsuri Child's allowance is not counted on Beach grapes
A rough mikoshi where bullshit reaches to the sky Hirotaka Nakajima
Three companies pretend to pretend to be Edokko Yuzuma
One year after waiting for the palace Hikaru Suzuki
Edoguchi's definition Sanjamatsuri spreading Masao Kawaguchi
Encourage the bustling angry ocean A thousand dreams
Three companies in which herbivores become wild face Mackerel
Sanjamatsuri the economy of Edo To do
Sanjamatsuri Mikoshi also has rare brown hair Nishimura Akira
Sanjamatsuri The pain of the shoulder is the trace of a dream Troubled
Edo Sanjamatsuri , but Ri decided dignified Takashi
If it is two people rain of Sanjamatsuri is good Noriaki Shimura
Changing residence for the three companies with a wish Kimura Isao
Listening to the cheers of the temple laurel watching Kanaya Akihiro
Nice to meet you Sanjamatsuri and Sky Tree Toshimitsu Furuya
From the barber shop to the Sanjamatsuri Renji
I am sorry for the Asakusa festival Saito Shinichi
Families of 100 mikoshi waiting for the turn Gon chan
I follow the Edo temperament and I like festivals until my grandchildren A-chan
Sanjamatsuri thinking of the prime of life Fell dragon
Look at the Sky Tree This is the stylishness of Edo Long lives daughter
Sanjamatsuri knows the weight of shoulder car A child of a festival
Edo's sky competing with hot air and mikoshi Masayoshi Arase
A mikoshi kako that is immersed side by side in a public bath King · Kungu ~
Only the phoenix is ​​seen and hidden in the crowd Octopus
Sanjamatsuri place to go back home Shintaro Aizu
Harmonious alignment Half-boarded flower of Edo 4on
Sanjamatsuri beaten by a tree that people are boiling Kintaro Hatakeyama
Suspended beans and all three companies are at their best Katsura
Phoenix jumps both doves and trees Kaoru Kaneshiro
Fall in love with the husband who carries the Great Shrine Something
Someday the three companies are in a mikoshi Yamazaki
From the stage of the Sanjamatsuri where Edo comes Yasui Senpa
Edo shrine rising crowd Edo dude
It is a stylish festival of Edo child Sanjamatsuri Yukko
Sanjamatsuri rejoicing with God Shinkansen
The blood of the three companies that inherit from the craftsman's father From Uedano
All three friends of Sanjamatsuri stilts Kuro-chan
Three companies start counting again Yuko Suzuki
Father who laughs that the matchmakers are three companies Arashiyama
Edo flower Sanjamatsuri Rito Sky Tree Oshian
Two New Year's Sanjamatsuri Edokko Light crow
Look at that Nippo well This is Edo child Wind
Sanjamatsuri where blood is boiling as approaching Day 80
Three companies like to compete in the new tower Painful wind
A little away from the shrine mikoshi Kamiya bar Shojiro Hasegawa
Herbivorous food is also a young lion Sanjamatsuri Sister
Sanjamatsuri Edo and men show off Taihei Hall
Mikoshi blooming in eternal time Matsuri Tororoo
Sanjamatsuri that seems to have carried the new tower Toshio Sakakura
I am sorry to rush to the three companies to see Matt River North
Three companies who wait for a lady to go out overnight Otani Mitsue
Sanjamatsuri full of stylishness by Edo child kazu
Three companies that can revive the blood of Edo Bushido
Three companies competing for kids Hito
Sanjamatsuri Recession Three days to forget Nobuhara Enoki
Proposal with three companies deciding to get hungry Killing me
Flow of Sanjamatsuri Former commentator
The bliss that sees the Sanjamatsuri again this year Horie Chiyako
Sanjamatsuri is bouncing on picture diary Seeded milk
It becomes a festival half-tone wind in a radiant way Yamabato
Sanjamatsuri Mother today Edo Komachi Minako Kaji
The Sanjamatsuri is unfamiliar for us Rosiekan
Sanjamatsuri with his wife without going Tomio Horiguchi
There are many festivals and three companies are closed Shinichi Takahashi


Special Prize / Junior Division

Original memento / posted in precincts

Squirrel Pen name
Sanjamatsuri becoming Edo Koko of longing for Takezawa Yuana (13)
The daughter of the prime hair only cuts today The Temple of the North (10)
Sanjamatsuri festival where the heart of Edo child falls Nako Satake (13)
Sanjamatsuri which can become one adult again Akihiro Hakamada (13)
Sanjamatsuri and birthday soon Mao Kikuchi (9)
Thank you for returning my father Yuuki (14)
Sanjamatsuri time slip to Edo village Takeshi (14)
"Three Shrines” will take me out Totaro Tomura (9)


Thank you for your entry. We are waiting for your application again.

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