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Heisei 20th Sanjamatsuri Kawayanagi selection result

We recruited Sanjamatsuri Heisei Yanagi in Heisei 20, there were many applications.
Thank you for many applications. We will announce the result of each prize.

Sanjamatsuri Grand Prize / 1 point

Posted at 30,000 yen in the first generation Kawayu Medal / precinct

Ichinomiya Prize / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct

Ninomiya Award / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct

Sannomiya Prize / 1 point

Posted at 10,000 yen / precinct


Hidegi Award / 10 points

Original memento / posted in precincts

Squirrel Pen name
Mikoshi seeing the wind and Kanzaburo Hon Toshiko
Sanjamatsuri Awaiting the flower in the avenomics Kiyoshi Ishii
Right now! And Sanjamatsuri sum of parishioners to Ri Houda Shishunusuke
Phoenix dancing with Edo purple On the water
Genuine Cool Japan is the sum of three companies Ito Mimicry Cat
Sanjamatsuri Wonder how to make my home round Mizuno Inoue
Sanjamatsuri Watching movies to be carried Kazumi Ito
Three days of reality and dreams of three companies Yukawa Kamen Rider
Three companies shining Japanese modern yukata Takeishi Sakie
Ikuji also three companies Main force of a mikoshi Fujio Suzuki


Honorable mention / 100 points ago

Posted in the precincts

Squirrel Pen name
Harmony and bonds of a mikoshi wishing for reconstruction Ayukawa Kuroshio
The festival viewing tree also historical respect Fumihiko Nagaki
Sanjamatsuri to see from the top and bottom Miko real name
Sanjamatsuri vacation notice has been issued Okano Takejiro
Sanjamatsuri wrote as Nippon's pride Powan 1
Sanjamatsuri the essence of people connecting Kajita Kanayanagi
Sanjamatsuri Sky Tree also serves as a supporting role Kaneo Okayama
Sanjamatsuri living each Kazu Yoshioka
Sanjamatsuri that can become a man every time he carries it Yukio Miyakawa
Sanjamatsuri harmony of 700 years Kuwahara Working bee Chie
Internationalization of the three companies' forgiveness festival Shigeru Kinzaki
Sanjamatsuri seven hundred years in which blood is troubling Takahashi Yanagi
Sanjamatsuri one heart wishing for Japanese Takahashi Sankaka
Sanjamatsuri which carries the health of Nippon Promotion
Sanjamatsuri with people's sum on a shrine Yuichi Nemoto
One thought to the afflicted area is Sanjamatsuri Middle-aged and blistery
Sanjamatsuri hand in hand for the first time in years Sakai bride's eyes
Asakusa is a town where the festival matches Yamashita Sanada
Sanjamatsuri that shortens the distance to people Yamano Daichan Z!
Sweat of early summer Sanjamatsuri to shed first Sakai special mention
Sanjamatsuri This warm atmosphere Ogawa pig
Sanjamatsuri Strong Japan Here Matsunaga Sago
Sanjamatsuri carries the tradition of chic and harmony Yuzu Matsutani
Peaceful Three Company Festival My girlfriend
It became like a Sanjamatsuri alumni association Yuka Sugisaki
Sanjamatsuri around our season Shimizu Okina
Sanjamatsuri where Edoguchi looks big Orihashi bashi
Sanjamatsuri shrine festival which I saw and watched also worshiped Masami Shima Sparrow
Sanjamatsuri Tree's Height Overheating Mr. Yutaro Murata
Sanjamatsuri It is the bond of the best of luck Ikeda whale
Sanjamatsuri can be reassured and played Nakahara Oshibo
Asakusa Sanjamatsuri if you leave the subway Kazuo Nakamura
Pride with Sanjamatsuri Japan Only Nakano
A circle of a smile that the handsome of a handsome Makoto Nakazawa
Sanjamatsuri shrine festival Thank you for always doing Minor Itakura
Peace to know the festival in Asakusa Kadoka Kora
I am in the winds of my father, child and three companies Mutsuki Isshui
It's May, Let's go to Edo Sanjamatsuri Takashi Toyoguchi
Sanjamatsuri that puts a man in the hut Raiden Suikamori Aki
Sanjamatsuri with Heisei and Edo living together Kinoshita Momoe
There is harmony and rampage Mikoshi is alive Kadowaki Beach beef
The harmony of the Sanjamatsuri gather in Asakusa Noriyuki's police
Seven Sanjamatsuri for seven hundred years is connected by Japanese Light weight (Karasan)
Mika mystery mikoshi making mystery mikoshi Ruana Sawai
Together with Washo and a mikoshi carry a sum Fujita Nanaka grandfather
Sanjamatsuri to connect with seven hundred leaders Nagiko Tanaka
The sum of the three companies connecting Japan with Kawagayanagi Wakabayashi Ryoko
Sanjamatsuri also want to leave thousands of years away Shimojo Mumu
Ieyasu also gently join the three companies Shiodome Cape
Three companies that will be reluctant with mothers Wave of Negishi world
This year again my father's throat and face Sanjamatsuri Hiroshi Kosuge P
Three company's days analog wind hits cheeks Kaji Xiahai
"Three Shrines” this summer Edo's summer Kinomi
Sanjamatsuri Crown shoulder of each town of Edo Tetsuo Sekiguchi
Sanjamatsuri Kagura Bell Junko Wakabayashi
A festival that makes Asakusa's heart one Fold map
Three companies shoulder the sum Economic upgrading with a mikoshi Miura super existence
Watashi and Edokko shoulder the soul Yuka Takahashi
Sanjamatsuri connects to the next generation of Wado Karin Koge
Face of Edo if you wipe with Aizen dye Tomon Yoshino
Japanese mind growing up with three companies Meguru Yamada
Analog shikosamidori to the city of digital Honda Shiiune
Shinmon gate at the Miyako finally rejoicing Otsuka gates gate
Sanjamatsuri festival even if it is not wild Arai Plus
Watching the festival Sumida River watching softly Toshio Yamagata
You are the one who carried the oshiki and you are my Kato Tako
My family melts as a stubborn Sanjamatsuri Ueno Midori
The Sanjamatsuri which the grandmother also returns to her daughter Yuzuke Kameya
Nadeshiko is also decorated with law enforcement, Sanjamatsuri Yoshino Amber
Shoulder cars Children whose mikoshi bounces also bounces Tokutaro Arai
Festival circle Three companies that give smiles Nakamura Waka
Soya in Edo begins to depress its recession Takehisa Tazaki
I can not tell without Edo's summer three companies Mori Sakurako
Phoenix shooting in Asakusa Iwasaki Yuuki
Sanjamatsuri festival proud of peace Fuwa Fuwa
May Fairy Sanjamatsuri scent of Edo A late cat ☆
Sanjamatsuri Spirit to learn from Edo To Okamoto Nao
Sanjamatsuri which Heisei and Edo weave Mr. Yamada
Have three generations sum up in the temple and strike the heavens Nobuo Ozami
Sanjamatsuri which heat is transmitted even on the Internet Mr. Mikami
Three companies like world peace Jiro Kaita
Sanjamatsuri Everyone's calling for a good economic boom Good or bad.
Sanjamatsuri where he is a dazzling short hair Kobayashi Kayama
Boring a history of eternity Sanjamatsuri Medicine Teramura Ikeumaru
Continue forever and peace and Sanjamatsuri Sato ripe mushrooms
Three company's days where town can be united Tamura Kenke
The heart of Japanese that the blue eyes knew with a shrine mikoshi Odaka walking
Brought my grandson to the Sanjamatsuri who came with my grandfather Yoshihara red shoes
Sanjamatsuri history with knowledge Kaneko Kakiko
Large Mikoshi wishing for peace of all people Kajiya Fu Ton
Sanjamatsuri parent, child, grandchild three-shot Mikuru Kitayama
Sanjamatsuri shrine festival I scratch the scent of Edo Kazimi Ichikawa
Cool Japan Learn Sanjamatsuri modern Japanese Yoshiwara kyupora no kaze
Let it be a wild summer! Sanjamatsuri Toshimitsu Toshimitsu
A variety of shouts to sum up Sanjamatsuri Inaba Otoya
Sanjamatsuri with shoulder cars crying grandchild Satsuki sunny day
The Sanjamatsuri of Hatazu, the best in Edo Iwao festival man
Those who come are Refuse Sanjamatsuri Yoshimoto Yoshiyoshi
Sanjamatsuri from compa - Kosuke Yoshimoto
Sanjamatsuri sky tree will also dance Sakuma Takao Taro


Special Prize / Junior Division

Original memento / posted in precincts

Squirrel Pen name
Sanjamatsuri souvenirs of Edo in the rain Ito tea right
A heart of harmony that connects a trash to a miracle Takatoshi Okuda
Connect with the world of Japan in the city of Edo. Yamato Marine
Well, sad friends Kamishima Makoto Yano


Thank you for your entry. We are waiting for your application again.

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