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Reiwa 2 years Asakusa Shrine annual festival "Sanjamatsuri"

Published on October 18, 2nd year of Reiwa

Asakusa Shrine annual festival god spirit transfer will be delivered on Youtube channel.
Please see from the following URL.

1. The entrance to the precincts of Asakusa Shrine is only from the torii gate.
Published on October 12, 2nd year of Reiwa

During the festival period, the following 4 points will be displayed at the Asakusa Shrine annual festival headquarters.
We will take measures against the new coronavirus infection.

1. The entrance to the precincts of Asakusa Shrine is only from the torii gate.

As for the exit, in addition to the torii gate, the exit on the west side of the shrine and the side exit of the portable shrine will be used.
The entrance in front of the stairs on the east side of the main hall of Sensoji Temple will be closed.

2. At the entrance to the torii gate, we ask you to measure the temperature, disinfect your hands with alcohol, and wear a mask.
3. In the precincts, we will guide you to specify seats and standing positions so that you can maintain social distance.
4. Please understand that during the Shinko Festival and other Shinto rituals, a restricted area will be temporarily set up in the precincts to create an exclusion zone.
Published on September 1, 2nd year of Reiwa

2 years Reiwa Asakusa Shrine annual festival "Sanjamatsuri "
Autumn (October) Saying purpose

Reiwa 2 Year 8 Moon 31 Day
Asakusa Shrine
Asakusa Shrine Honor Party

With the recent coronal disaster, Five The festival that was scheduled to be held in the moon, 18 In honor of the fair Ten To postpone to the moon 3 It was decided at the end of the month, but in light of the transition of the infection situation and the social situation after that, Reiwa 2 Year Ten Moon 17 Day (soil)18 Day (Day) of 2 I will go to Japan for a day.

However, from the viewpoint of infection prevention measures against new coronavirus infection,
1. The carrying of mikoshi carried by the bearer including Miyakoshi and Mikoshi is canceled.
2. Relocation of the four pillars of the Omitama, the four-legged god, who is the Ujikami
I will do.
For other rituals and festivals, see "Reiwa 2 Annual Asakusa Shrine Annual Festival "Sanjamatsuri" Schedule".

Asakusa Shrine example festival "Sanjamatsuri" is your festival, which is always Hitoshi row as "the festival" of once​ ​a year, along with the "Example festival ceremony" is the first of the ritual to be conducted in the shrine, Mr. It is the true meaning of God to see the state of the city of the Ujiko and to receive the virtues.

The day of the 18th is an important fair for the city of Asakusa, which was not suitable for May in the past, but strangely October​ ​18th is Sunday, and considering recent traffic conditions, These two days are seen as a unique opportunity.
With a history of more than 700 years, the ancestors of Asakusa's ancestors who have been cherished have been handed down by all the children and worshipers, and will be passed on to the next generation without fail as a "festival". We hope that such thoughts will continue to lead to the revitalization of the city of Asakusa in the future.
In addition, this year, we will hold a "New Coronavirus Sedation Prayer Festival" at the annual ceremony.

It is important from the perspective of continuing the festival that we can do what we can do in such a social situation, and make sure that we take all possible measures to prevent infection, and work diligently on what we can do now. It is.
We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the sons and worshipers who have been sincerely enthusiastic about the shrine and the main festival, for their kind understanding and cooperation.

that's all

Reiwa 2nd year Asakusa Shrine annual festival "Sanjamatsuri"

October 16 (Friday)
6 pm Head office Mikoshi Shinto ritual ceremony

Saturday, October 17
10:00 am Regular ceremony, new coronavirus sedation prayer festival

October 18 (Sun)
11:00 am Head office mikoshi "Ichinomiya" out of the warehouse
11:30 a.m.
Noon Gothic spirit transfer start
Relocation of each town of Ujiko
Troops: pioneer (drum), music band, Goshinrei (Ichinomiya, car)
Around 4 pm Enter the shrine
Continue storage
6:00 pm Head office Mikoshi Religion ceremony

*The transfer of the head office portable shrine “Ichinomiya” may be canceled depending on future social conditions.
*Details on festival events (Shinshin event) and precincts will be announced later.

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