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Reception form

Please fill in the form and proceed to the content confirmation screen.

Example: Taro Yamada
Example) Yamada Taro
mail addressRequired
Example) test@asakusajinja.jp
phone numberRequired
Ex) 0300001111
Payment methodRequired
※ Please choose either
Amount (mouth)Required
※ One bite 10,000 yen · Three or more mouths can be put on a name plate on a sponsorship example) Example 1
Amount (yen)Required
※ Please fill in only numbers. Example) 10000
Name insertion (Those who wish 3 or more in amount)
※ Please enter the person who wants to put in a name. Approximately 10 characters
Those who do not need shipment etc.
Please check the person who does not need a thank you letter, mailing etc from our company.