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What is Shinmonumi (Rediscover)?

It is a relationship that is opposed to the "prayer festival" which prays for the abundance of the five cranes with a shading that appreciates God that new grains could be harvested.
The Emperor 's honorable festival is held at shrines throughout the country, as the most important martyrs ritual, which the Emperor gives new grains to the gods and the Majesty himself as well.

At Asakusa Shrine, Shinmonae will be sailed from 10 o'clock on November 23 every year.
I will thank God for the grace that I have given rain growing at Asakusa Shrine and dedicated the shrine maiden dance.
To celebrate the Shin Niigata, we will distribute "Shinkansen festival special Goshuin " at the head of the shrine.
Goshuin book is limited to one person per person.
In addition, we will distribute the "Shin Nao Festival Participation Special Goshuin " to those who attend the Shin Nion Festival.
If you wish to attend the Shin Nao Festival, please make a reservation by telephone.

  • Participation in the Shin Nion Festival will be a reservation system.
  • Please contact us at Asakusa Shrine office (03-3844-1575) as we receive it by telephone.
  • On that day, please come to the company office of Asakusa at 9:30 to 9:50.
  • We will deliver your feelings as a baseball game fee of 1000 yen.
  • Those who wish to participate in the Shin Nao Festival participation special Goshuin please give me a red seal book at the reception. Please note that paper Goshuin is not served.
  • Goshuin book is limited to one person per person.
  • Since you can not rise barefoot, please wear socks and stockings, socks etc surely.